How to Make Online Quizzes an Essential Part of Your Marketing Funnel

In recent years, the word ‘funnel’ has acquired an almost magical tone in the world of online marketing and sales (and the occasional kitchen). We’re going to teach you more about the magic of funnels and show you how to make online quizzes an important ingredient of your own marketing funnel.

What is a Marketing Funnel?

If you own a website, naturally, you want your visitors to take certain action. Be it a purchase, a sign-up, or a filled-out form, we refer to such actions as conversions.

A marketing funnel, in simple terms, is a set of steps a customer needs to go through before reaching a conversion. In the simplest of terms, it’s a path your customers-to-be take from the moment they find out about you to the moment they make a purchase from you and maybe even become your loyal customers.

The Traditional Marketing Funnel

The old but gold rule of digital marketing funnels (known as AIDA) has 4 basic steps: 

  • Awareness. When your potential customer learns of your company’s existence and becomes aware of your services.
  • Interest. When they become interested in finding out more about your brand and what you have to offer.
  • Decision. Your potential customers already know their problem. They’ve done research and now they’re just considering different options in order to find the best solution for their problem. It’s your job to subtly nudge them in the right direction.
  • Action. At this moment, they’re on the verge of making a purchase, so try to make it as easy for them as possible. If you succeed in doing so, you’ve officially got yourself a customer.

This rule, with some minor adjustments, still holds its ground in the world of digital marketing. 

Marketing Funnels Nowadays

Funnels are present in your everyday life. When you go to the supermarket to pick up some groceries – you’re passing through a sort of a sales funnel. Here are the funnel processes for a retail store and an e-commerce store, broken down into several steps:

Retail store vs. e-commerce funnel 

The main advantage of an e-commerce funnel is the ability to see and measure the entire process. The table above contains the basic steps necessary for making a purchase on an e-commerce website (such as Amazon) but there can also be some additional actions taken between each of the steps, such as visiting the About page, Careers page, or Contact page, although these steps aren’t necessary for the purchase funnel.

At the beginning of the process of getting a conversion, there’s a lot of people – basically all the people who visited your website. But of course, not all of them end up as conversions. With each subsequent step, the crowd of people usually thins or narrows, giving the entire process the look and characteristics of a funnel.

Marketing funnel

So, the top of the funnel is where everybody (who’s aware of your existence) goes in, but only the most interested ones will move along down each step in the funnel and eventually become customers. The modern marketing funnel usually includes the 5 stages given above: awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy.

And now, we’re going to show you how and why you should make online quizzes a part of that funnel.

Why Use Quizzes in Your Marketing Strategy?

Build Your Email List By 100K This Year Using Quizzes

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Build Your Email List By 100K This Year Using Quizzes

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Let’s face it, quizzes have become omnipresent in the online world. They’ve taken over your Facebook feed. Twitter is swarming with them. They pop out in the middle of news articles.

Online quizzes can tell you all those things you’ve always wanted to know about yourself. Things like which city you belong in or which scent you resemble. You might also learn that your celebrity best friend is Benedict Cumberbatch.

More interestingly to us, the popularity of quizzes has recently skyrocketed among digital marketers due to their outstanding potential for lead generation. Our own data shows that, on average, online quizzes have a lead capture rate of 33.6%.

How Online Quizzes Fit Into Your Marketing Funnel?

No matter which stage of the marketing funnel we’re talking about, the main thing is that your potential customers don’t want to be sold to, they want to be engaged with. And this is where online quizzes come in. 

According to the Content Marketing Institute research (the table below), online quizzes are most effective at the top of the marketing funnel, in the early stage of discovery/awareness. So, if you’re looking to make your potential customers aware of your brand’s presence, online quizzes may be a perfect solution to draw them into your funnel.

Online quizzes in marketing funnel


So, if you’re in real estate business, you can do quizzes like “Are You Ready to Buy a Home This Year?”, “What Kind of Home Will Make You the Happiest?”, or “Should I Keep Renting or Buy My First Home?” to create awareness and inspire interest.

No, seriously, feel free to use these templates and many more.

After creating awareness, if you do your work properly, your customer should now be in the consideration stage. This is where you should nudge them in the right direction (that is, towards your own product or service), which is hardly going to be achieved using a hard sales pitch. Instead, you could create a quiz that deals with some more pressing issues.

Back to our real estate example – at this stage, you could do a quiz such as “How Fast Will Your Home Sell, and For How Much?” 

As the CMI research shows quizzes are the least effective in the decision stage of the funnel, here you should consider using a series of email triggers and follow-ups to seal the conversion. If you’ve used quizzes the right way in the previous two steps, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

How to Create a Quiz Marketing Funnel?

To begin with, in addition to your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, you need two things: 

  1. A highly-customizable and versatile quiz maker.
  2. An email automation tool to integrate your quiz with.

Once you’ve taken care of the technicalities, the first thing you need to do is actually create a quiz, right? Not quite. First, you need to make sure you know who you’re creating the quiz for. In other words, you need to…

Define your target audience

Just as one size does not fit all, there are quizzes that are more suitable for some audiences than for others. For example, you probably wouldn’t expect a 50-year-old male to take the quiz titled “Which Hannah Montana character are you?” Just like a teenage girl is unlikely to be interested in finding out which Civil War weapon would be perfect for her.

This is why it is vitally important to define your target audience and personalize the quiz content to fit it. Producing relevant and timely content is crucial for connecting with your audience. Once you have that killer content, it’s easy to sit back and watch people engage with it, as they enter your marketing funnel.

Create a high-converting quiz using LeadQuizzes

Creating a quiz using Leadquizzes is as easy as these 6 steps. Of course, there are a plethora of quiz software solutions available to choose from, and while we have to be a little bit biased, you’re free to choose whichever suits your needs best. But, while doing so, have in mind that the LeadQuizzes users have generated 3,628,334 leads so far… and counting!

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 6.48.47 PM

When creating a quiz that will fit your marketing funnel perfectly, here are some things to pay special attention to:

  • Write a compelling headline. Maybe you shouldn’t judge a latte by its mug, but we suggest you take a good sip and wake up. Because the users do judge your quizzes by their headlines. The headline is what “sells” the quiz. It’s the first and, in many unfortunate cases, the only impression you get to make on your audience. So, make sure it counts.
  • Come up with engaging and thought-provoking questions. They say a quiz is as good as its questions. Your questions should be always on-topic, interesting and humorous (whenever possible), and not too difficult. In addition, they should be fairly short, written in a clear and everyday language, and there should ideally be 8-10 questions in a quiz.
  • Get all the answers right. Or get all the right answers. Keep them short and precise. You may also want to consider offering image answers. The answers are vital as they determine who you’re going to target with what kind of follow-ups afterward.
  • Offer share-worthy results. Finally, if they don’t share it, they didn’t like it well enough. We’ve put emphasis on emotions from the very beginning and for a very good reason too. The fact is that emotionally-charged content has an outstanding sharing potential.

Integrate with an email automation tool

Once they complete the quiz, you need to make sure to inform them they’ll be prompted to opt-in to your list. Then you can integrate LeadQuizzes with your email list so you are able to send different follow-up emails to potential customers based on which quiz outcome they get.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 6.47.38 PM

LeadQuizzes offers a bunch of integrations with the most popular email automation tools around, including MailChimp, Zapier, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, AWeber, and so on.

If you’re still looking for additional inspiration or best practice examples, you can check out these 3 brands and their killer marketing funnels. For a more detailed guide on how to build and monetize your sales funnel, you may want to examine this 4-step process.

Build Your Email List By 100K This Year Using Quizzes

Get Started

Build Your Email List By 100K This Year Using Quizzes

Get Started

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