Build your Email List to 100,000 Contacts in a Single Year

Increase Your Email List By 100000 Contacts This YearI recently read a book by Charles Duhigg called “The Power Of Habit”, which describes habits as a powerful and delicate balance that shape our lives more than we realize.

Duhigg also introduces the concept of “keystone habits”, which are the ones where if you focus on them enough, they will transform your whole state and trigger other positive changes.

Duhigg uses the example of exercise to illustrate this concept. People generally start exercising with the goal of getting in shape or losing weight, but the act of exercising often leads to eating healthier, lower stress levels, increased productivity, etc. In other words, focusing on a keystone habit leads to the accomplishment of many others.

For those in the marketing profession, list building is a keystone habit. Building a huge email list of highly qualified and targeted contacts is a practice that will transform your whole business.

Why should you build your email list?

Here are just a few reasons:

  1. Generate High-Quality Leads –– It’s important to have a large email list with contacts who are quality leads. Generating high-quality leads has consistently ranked as one of the biggest B2B lead generation challenges for marketers. But, once your business has a system in place for filtering qualified leads from those no longer worth pursuing, you can spend less on paid advertisements and overall marketing because you have a database of segmented prospects to sell to right infront of you.
  2. More Granular Segmentation ––With a larger email list, your business has more opportunities to narrow down your prospects into a wide variety of buyer personas and target them accordingly–– which can drive 18x more revenue for your business. Customer expectations are higher than ever, which means the demand for more personalized and relevant content is at an all time high (and it’s only going to increase). Of course, more contacts means more work required to effectively segment them. Don’t worry––we’ll tell you how we can help with that, too, in a bit. With the different demographics of your contact list nailed down to a tee, you can start providing more relevant, high converting content that results in more views, more shares and more sales.
  3. Huge ROI –– Building your email list is a low-cost approach that can yield huge returns for your business. With a list, you can send mail at anytime without having to worry about the price of ads or draining your budget the way you would with paid advertising. Previously, we put a strategy in place that increased our client’s email list by 34,657 leads at only $0.19/lead in just six months. You can find the case study here
  4. Drive More Traffic –– With a larger email list, you can send weekly marketing emails with call-to-action buttons that link back to your site. Whether you send weekly offers, promotions or blog posts is up to you, but having more people on your contact list is guaranteed to translate over to more visitors to your site, and ultimately a larger customer base to continually sell to.
  5. Increased Targeting on Facebook –– A larger email list will be more effective when it comes to targeting on Facebook using the Custom Audience feature. Custom Audiences allow you to directly advertise to your email contacts on the Facebook ad platform. These targeted ads allow your existing contact list to interact with your marketing efforts in a new medium and present another opportunity to capitalize on a purchase. Using the Custom Audience feature can also decrease your ad spend because of its more precise ability to target ads at prospects already familiar with your brand or those similar to your existing list using a strategy called lookalike-audiences.

So here’s what we’re doing:

What if I told you that you could increase your list by 100,000 contacts in just one year? Yazamo has an opportunity available for qualified businesses looking to use our internal list building platform.

We’ve had such great success using this platform for our clients that we want to share it with our loyal readers. It’s faster, simpler and more effective than anything else on the market, and allows you to build a highly segmented list of qualified prospects to market to in the future.

We are looking for a few businesses each month as described below:

  • In the business to consumer market with wide reaching demand.
  • Preferably in the health and fitness or personal development niche.
  • Preferably a business already spending money on their advertisement.

Build Your Email List By 100K This Year Using Quizzes

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Build Your Email List By 100K This Year Using Quizzes

Get Started

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