How Mike Dillard Built a $5.5M Business that Runs on Autopilot

Mike Dillard has generated over $50M in his businesses. In this episode, he shares the lessons he’s learned that helped him build his current business, which generated $5.5M in sales last year while running on autopilot.


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  • What is Mike Dillard Mentoring all about? [02:18]
  • What are some of the courses being offered in Mike Dillard Mentoring? [02:36]
  • What is List-Grow? [03:24]
  • What does it take to become wealthy or successful or generate the results that you’re looking for? [04:38]
  • What were some of the skill sets and lessons that Mike Dillard learned from network marketing? [05:11]
  • How should you present yourself and your business? [08:17]
  • How did Mike Dillard solve the issue of lack of leverage through direct response marketing? [09:15]
  • What is a simple road map of copywriting? [11:53]
  • How did Mike Dillard get involved in the field of finance and investment? [14:11]
  • How should you treat your audience? [16:57]
  • Should you do affiliate promotions? [18:11]
  • What is the advantage of email versus social media? [19:23]
  • What are the benefits of doing webinars? [20:25]
  • How did Mike Dillard come up with EverGrow? [28:40]
  • Why did Mike Dillard decide to have two different products? [33:51]
  • What is the Self Made Man podcast all about? [38:22]
  • Why is it important to master a subject matter and become really good at it? [43:31]

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“Email is still by far and away 10x the most effective when it comes to monetization or when it comes to selling.” — Mike Dillard

“If you can master one skill set, you’re set. You can build a seven-figure business around that one single skill.” — Mike Dillard

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Resources mentioned

Dan Kennedy’s Direct Response Marketing

Stansberry Research

The Agora

The Elevation Group

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