11,660 new emails in 6 months

$0.45 Cost Per Lead

Barlow Herbal Specialties used LeadQuizzes to build their email list by 11,660 people in 6 months at a cost per lead of only $0.45.

their Story

Herbal formulas the way mother nature intended

Barlow Herbal Specialties is a family owned and operated maker of medicinal herbals and has been in business for over 38 years. The majority of the formulas were developed by Dr. Max Barlow, author of the book “From the Shepherd’s Purse”.

their Goal

Add a new sales channel using online marketing

Barlow Herbal Specialties decided it was time to really focus on improving their online marketing sales channel and that began by building a targeted email list.

"I’ve been working with LeadQuizzes since April 2015. They’ve been helping me create a quiz campaign and advertise on FB to build my email list. They have been wonderful to work with through the whole creation and implementation sections of getting my quiz put together and guiding me when it needed to be polished up to perform better. What I really love is knowing they are at the back end of this campaign doing what they do best to help me build a big, strong email list so that I can focus on doing what I do best. My quiz is now dialed in and is performing at a strong, steady pace."
– Jane Barlow, Owner, Barlow Herbal

tHeir Solution

Stress and Sleep Quiz

Barlow Herbal Specialties created two separate quizzes. One quiz for people dealing with stress and one for people who were having problems sleeping. After people answered questions for one of the quizzes, they opt-ed in with their name and email and were given their results. On the results page, they were presented with an offer related to stress or sleep.

Keys to Success

Testing different quizzes

The easiest place to decrease cost per lead is by testing different ad targetting and creative first. It takes the least amount of effort and is easiest to test. Once the ads are dialed in and getting a great click-through-rate, if the cost per lead is still high, it probably means the quizzes needs some work. The first quiz Barlow Herbal Specialties used was over 25 questions. The questions were very situational and hard to answer, which led to people dropping out of the quiz. Once the quiz was simplified and shortened, lead costs dropped down to an average of $0.45/lead.

The Results

A new sales channel

By using LeadQuizzes, Barlow Herbal Specialties was able to start reaching more potential clients that were interested in their content and products outside of their traditional sales channels.

11,660 leads generated in 6 months
$0.45cost per lead

LeadQuizzes users have generated 3,628,334 leads and counting!

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