31,421 leads in 4 months

$0.19 Cost per lead

3X Reduction in Cost Per Lead Over Other Lead Generation Methods. Bought, used LeadQuizzes to build their email list by 31,421 people in 4 months and reduce their cost per lead by 3X, down to only $0.19/lead.

Their Story

Movies that make movements

Bought is a documentary around the vaccine, GMO and Big Pharma industries and how they are driven by profit and not necessarily the public’s greater good. It shares stories from whistleblowers, physicians, professors, parents, and more about how these industries are operating and how they are affecting everyone’s lives.

Their Goal

Build the email list and get the Bought documentary watched by over 5 million people

The tagline behind Jeff Hays Films, creator of Bought, is Movies that make movements. Their goal was to get this documentary watched by over 5 million people so they could make their own decisions on GMO’s, big pharma, and vaccines. Bought was shared and promoted through word of mouth, social media, and many different influencers, but they were looking for a sustainable way to advertise the documentary to new audiences and to reduce the cost per lead.

Their Solution

GMO IQ and GMO Consumption Quiz

Bought created two separate quizzes to test their Facebook advertising with. One that helped them assess their GMO IQ and one that helped them assess how much GMO’s they were potentially consuming. Once the quizzes were completed, they used Facebook ads to drive traffic. Once someone answered all the questions, they opted in to get their results. On the results page, it shared either their GMO IQ or potential consumption results and directed them to the free viewing of Bought.


Their Results

A cheaper source of leads

Bought discovered that by using LeadQuizzes they were able to reduce their cost per lead by 3X compared to other advertising campaigns.

31,421 leads generated in 4 months
3X reduction in cost per lead over other lead generation methods
$0.19 cost per lead

LeadQuizzes users have generated 3,628,334 leads and counting!

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