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34,189 leads in 6 months

$0.43 Cost Per Lead

Dr. Joel Kahn used LeadQuizzes to build his email list by 34,189 people in 6 months at a cost per lead of only $0.43.

His Story

America’s Holistic Heart Doc

Dr. Joel Kahn is a plant based cardiologist whose personal mission is to prevent 1 million heart attacks over the next two years. He is a Clinical Professor of Medicine (cardiology) at Wayne State University School of Medicine and has a Amazon #1 Top Selling book, Dead Execs Don’t Get Bonuses, published by Reader’s Digest.

His Goal

Prevent 1 Million Heart Attacks

Dr Joel Kahn’s personal mission is to prevent 1 million heart attacks. Dr. Kahn has been a practicing cardiologist for over 20 years but knew that to increase his impact, he would have to help people online and the best way to do that was to grow his email list.

"I am now the biggest promoter of LeadQuizzes and have referred many people to it. LeadQuizzes helped me develop a quiz to use online in social media to engage new people and create new emails, all in a classy and cost effective way. I have added over 34,189 emails to my list in less than 6 months at a cost of less than $.43 a lead. I love LeadQuizzes and all it’s done to aid me in getting my heart health message out to a broad audience. You will love it too."

– Dr Joel Kahn



His Solution

Stress Quiz

Dr. Joel Kahn started by creating a quiz to help people learn how stressed they were. Once someone answered the quiz questions, the would opt in with their name and email to find out how stressed they were and how that stress was affecting their bodies.

The Results

Changing lives one lead at a time

To prevent 1 million heart attacks, Dr Kahn needed a way to consistently get in front of new people interested in their heart health. The combination of using Facebook ads and LeadQuizzes was the perfect solution, generating 34,189 leads in only 6 months.

34,189 leads generated in 6 months
$0.43 cost per lead

LeadQuizzes users have generated 3,628,334 leads and counting!

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