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1,377 Leads at Only $2.32/Lead, a 77% Decrease in Cost Per Lead

Their Story

Financial Planning Group

Hail Financial offers comprehensive financial planning services such as retirement income planning, tax planning, investment management, long-term care, insurance strategies, and estate planning.

Their Goal

Create a more effective lead generation system

Hail Financial was seeking a new advertising channel to generate qualified finance leads at a lead cost the same or less than the $10/lead they were spending using direct mail.

What Hail Financial Thinks About LeadQuizzes (a Yazamo Product)

Their Solution

Retirement Readiness and Social Security Quiz

Hail Financial created two different quizzes, a Retirement Readiness Quiz and Social Security Quiz. Each quiz captured name, email and phone number leading to a follow up call and email sequence from Hail Financial. By offering a compelling lead magnet with their quizzes and targeted advertising on Facebook, they were able to drop their lead cost by 77%.


Their Results

Hail Financial used two separate quizzes to drive their cost per lead down by 77% and generate 1,377 new, qualified leads.

1,377 leads at $2.32/lead
76% decrease in cost per lead

LeadQuizzes users have generated 3,628,334 leads and counting!

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