3,421 leads in 1 month

$0.32 Cost per lead

 Immediate Happiness used LeadQuizzes to build their email list by    3,421 people in 1 month at a cost per lead of only $0.32.

Their Story

Helping others find immediate happiness

Anil Gupta, founder of Immediate Happiness, is an electrifying catalyst for profound healing who has devoted his life to         helping people rise out of pain and blockage into overflowing abundance and meaning. He has a gift for identifying blocks            and patterns that are keeping a person stuck and uses his advanced intuitive gifts to reconnect people with their spirit, truth    and life’s purpose. Anil literally wakes up people’s souls to living so they realize their greatness.

Their Goal

Create a greater impact on the world

Anil Gupta has created dramatic results for people through his transformational workshops, seminars, and 1-1 coaching. His goal was to build his email list of people interested in improving their happiness and increase the number of lives he could impact.

Their Solution

How Good Are You With Relationships Quiz

Immediate Happiness created a relationship quiz that would help people who felt like they may struggling with their partner. They used Facebook ads to advertise the quiz. People would answer 10 questions, then opt-in with their name and email to get their results about how well they were doing in their relationship and what they could do to improve.

Their Results

A targeted list of people looking to improve their relationships

Immediate Happiness discovered that by using LeadQuizzes, they were able to grow their email list of people looking to improve their relationships by 3,421 people in 1 month at a cost per lead of only $0.32.

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