5,696 Marketing Templates to Save You Time and Budget

Building things from scratch can take a lot of time, effort, and skill. If you lack at least one or would like to invest those into areas that matter more to your business goals, you should consider using marketing templates.

Such templates allow you to create effective and visually appealing vital marketing assets much faster and cheaper.

Being obsessed with all things marketing, we at LeadQuizzes have compiled a list of amazing marketing templates in several different categories that you can use right away. Some are made by us, some by other marketing enthusiasts and industry giants.

Need to create a marketing proposal? Want to keep track of your monthly marketing activities? Looking to present your ideas in the form of a presentation, video, or case study? No worries, we’ve compiled a bunch of marketing templates to help you with all of the above… and more!

Reporting Marketing Templates

Some see it as the most tedious task in marketing. Others swear by it. Whether you like doing it or not, reporting is one of the vital tasks in marketing. It shows the real value of your marketing efforts.

How many visitors are you bringing to your website? How many sales have you made from your marketing campaigns this month? How effective have your Facebook ads been?

To answer those and other metrics related questions, you need to be reporting on the results of your everyday marketing tasks. And it’s much easier with our selection of reporting marketing templates.

Hubspot’s Monthly Marketing Reporting Templates

When I think about marketing and reporting, Hubspot has to be one of the first names that come to my mind.

In addition to their reports-rich CRM, they have also prepared a collection of marketing templates to help with your monthly reporting. Most of the templates are in Excell or PowerPoint format.

You can use Hubspot’s templates to track the monthly increase of your visitors, leads, and sales, measure your website’s conversion rate and track which channels and campaigns are performing best.

Hubspot Marketing Template

Note: Hubspot’s reporting marketing templates are free but you’d need to submit your email in order to get access.

LeadQuizzes’ Ad Reporting Template

Running ads on both Facebook and Google but would like to keep track of all campaigns in one place?

Feel free to use the Google Sheet we at LeadQuizzes created for our own internal use. You can also use it for lead stage reporting and call dispositions tracking.

SEMRush’s Monthly Marketing Report Template

SEMRush is one of the biggest players in the game of SEO and marketing analytics. They have created a marketing template for tracking and analyzing any metrics that you find important and relevant to your business.

You can use it to create an overview of your website traffic and track all your important social media and email marketing stats.

Email Marketing Templates

5,101+ Really Good Emails

Really Good Emails is a handpicked collection of 5,101 emails (and growing) that includes actual emails used by some of the most popular brands and companies, including the likes of Apple, Uber, Disney, Vimeo, and more.

Email Marketing Templates

Even though these are not really templates per se, the great thing about Really Good Emails is that they show off both the design and code (as well as the copy, of course), so you can easily recreate any of the emails that you like.

The way this platform works is that their community submits the favorite emails they received, launched or stumbled upon and then the site’s curators select those worthwhile to be added to the collection.

Good Email Copy

As the website name itself directly suggests, this website is all about good email copy. Again, technically speaking, these are not templates. But you can easily use email copy from great companies as inspiration and turn it into a template of your own.

In my opinion, this is much more useful than some of those generic email templates you can find online.

Email Templates

Content Marketing Templates

Content Audit Template by Ahrefs

After they did a content audit and deleted 31.7% of all blog posts (48) on their blog, Ahrefs saw a 7.57% increase in traffic after two months. Yes, you read that right, their traffic didn’t go down by a third, it actually increased.

This shows the importance of a properly-executed content audit. Courtesy to Ahrefs, you can access and download their own Content Audit template and use it to boost your content marketing as well.

Content Marketing Worksheet Template by LeadQuizzes

If you’re basing most of your marketing efforts on content marketing (like we at LeadQuizzes mostly do), you need to make sure you’re keeping track of all the relevant KPIs.

By doing so we were able to grow organic traffic by 959% on the LeadQuizzes blog in the first year we started taking content marketing seriously. Fast forward to January 2020 – we had 121,827 unique pageviews this month. All thanks to content marketing.

LeadQuizzes Content Marketing Template

And the tracking sheet we used in the process can be yours for free, just click on the link in the subheading and make a copy of the Google Sheets for your own use.

Moz’s Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet

Getting your developers and SEOs on the same page is often difficult but vital if you want to get your website to rank. Although not a marketing template per se, I think that Moz’s checklist can be an extremely useful resource to aid your content marketing efforts.

Think of it as the template for the cooperation between your SEO and Content Team with your Developers.

Quiz Marketing Templates

75+ LeadQuizzes Quiz and Survey Templates

Did you know that quizzes can help you capture up to 500% more leads from your website, blog or advertisement. Moreover, the responses you collect from your quizzes and surveys can help you segment and better understand your audience.

Still haven’t implemented quizzes into your marketing strategy? Grab one of LeadQuizzes’ 75+ quiz, survey, or form templates and start generating leads right now!

LQ Quiz Templates

Those professionally written templates are available for free to all the LeadQuizzes users!

Marketing Presentation Templates

311+ Canva Presentation Templates

If you’re in any way involved in digital (and are not a professional designer yourself), you must’ve used Canva at one point or another. You can use it to design your own cover images, banners, flyers, social media post images, and more.

Here, I’ve decided to include Canva’s set of marketing templates you can use for all kinds of slides and presentations, when designing your sales pitches or case study presentations, for example.

Presentation Templates

Video Marketing Templates

Biteable Marketing Video Templates

Let’s face it, creating a video will require more time and resources than writing a blog post, for instance. That’s why marketers who are using video in their campaigns but lack the time, people and/or resources for more serious video production will appreciate Biteable’s collection of video marketing templates.

Video Templates

They offer industry or event-specific templates that you can easily customize and adjust to fit your specific needs.

Case Study Templates

So, you’ve done an outstanding job helping your client achieve their business goals. Surely, you wouldn’t like all that hard work to go unnoticed, do you?

One of the best ways to showcase your success are case studies. We at LeadQuizzes have made a selection of 40+ case study templates and examples to get you started.

White Paper Templates

Another way to address your client’s issues and offer solutions for them is by creating a white paper. Among other things, marketers use white papers to acquire leads.

We’ve also handpicked a selection of 20 white paper templates and examples you can use for inspiration.


I hope you enjoyed my selection of marketing templates. There should be something for everyone here and most of the templates are available for free (or at least were at the time of writing the post). We plan to continuously work on updating the list with new ones so feel free to suggest some cool templates in the comments 🙂

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