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Dr. Anthony Balduzzi Fit Father Project
From barely scraping by to 15,000 profitable leads
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Dr. Alan Christianson Integrative Healthcare
1,600 local leads and 40-60 consultation requests per month
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Yuri Elkaim
10,125 profitable new leads from Facebook in 2 months
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Dustin Rainey Bourbon and Boots
35,752 eCommerce leads and doubled sales in 3 weeks
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Garret Ewers Rejuv Medical
15 new patients and $18,000 in revenue in 6 weeks
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Jon Benson Jon Benson Fitness
110,192 weight loss leads from Facebook
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Annmarie Gianni Annmarie Gianni Skin Care
$200,000 in new sales and 20,258 new leads in 2 months
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Aaron Hail Hail Financial
1,377 financial leads from Facebook at only $2.32/lead
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Danny Johnson
6,191 health leads in 1 month from Facebook
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Sohyung EJ Lim Change Your Energy
6,617 new health leads in only 6 weeks
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Kathy Smith Kathy Smith Lifestyles
5,791 new health leads from Facebook
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Anil Gupta Immediate Happiness
3,421 new personal development leads
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