12 Things the Best Online Quiz Creators Have in Common

BuzzSumo has found that 82% of users will take part in a quiz if they see it on their social newsfeed. That’s a difficult stat to ignore.

Whether you are a marketer looking to generate leads, a researcher trying to gather data, or a teacher looking for a reliable test maker – an online quiz creator can be your secret weapon of choice.

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The Best Online Quiz Creator is FREE for 14 Days

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But what exactly is the secret behind the popularity of quizzes that only the best online quiz creators know?

There’s something so alluring about finding out what kind of fruit we are or what Disney character is our spirit animal, which is precisely why quizzes are such a successful marketing strategy.

They’re engaging and, as curious humans, we always want to find out more about ourselves (even if it’s simply what we should have for dinner).

But how do you make your quiz one of the successful ones? You know, like the “Which Famous Biker Are You?” quiz by Goth Rider that generated 75,813 leads.

Goth Rider Quiz

Or, more importantly, how do you even get started?

First of all, you have to choose a quiz software.

Deciding on the best online quiz maker is not a decision to take lightly. Success is in the details and, if you want to put together a quiz that actually generates leads, you’re going to want an easy set-up.

Good job we’ve got just the thing for you.

Here are the 12 things the best quiz software solutions have in common, to help make your decision a little bit easier.

The Best Online Quiz Makers – Before You Make a Quiz

1. They offer a wide range of inspiring quiz templates

Creating a quiz can seem overwhelming when you see all the options out there.

What kind of quiz do you implement? Should you make a BuzzFeed quiz? A personality quiz so you can learn more about your audience? Create a multiple-choice test or a trivia quiz for your students?

So many quiz topic ideas to choose from.

And when you’ve decided on that, you need to think about what kind of questions you’ll ask and the results.

Phew. There’s a lot of whirring cogs to get in place.

The best online quiz makers offer a variety of different templates so you can choose the best one for your goals and your audience.

LeadQuizzes, for example, has a wide variety of quiz templates to get your ideas flowing.

LeadQuizzes Templates

Quiz templates are available for a wide range of industries, including Marketing, Business, Real Estate, Human Resources, Health & Fitness, Love and Relationships, Finance, Insurance, Cars, Travel, Education, Sports, etc.

2. They make it a breeze to create your own quiz

Remember all those whirring cogs?

Getting them in place can be a real headache, especially if you want to create something a little more complicated that’s automated with your email provider and product offerings.

Not every marketer is a tech genius. Just as not every teacher is a designer. Nor is every entrepreneur a marketing expert. So it’s a big help when your quiz software is intuitive and handholds you through each step, right from naming your quiz and choosing its theme, to selecting questions and sharing options.

LeadQuizzes - The Best Online Quiz Creators

LeadQuizzes makes the process an absolute breeze.

Our intuitive quiz platform guides you through one stage to the next in chronological order so you don’t miss out a vital cog.

The Best Online Quiz Builders – During Quiz Creation

3. They allow different types of quiz questions and answers

No two quizzes are the same.

Goals are different, audiences are different, and themes are different.

Think about all the quizzes you’ve taken. Some might ask you to “choose a picture”, while others might give you a long list of multiple choice answers, a dropdown menu, form fields, and so on.

The best quiz makers allow you to use different types of quiz question and answer styles so you can find out different things about your participants. Here’s an example of an image-answer question created in LeadQuizzes:

LeadQuizzes Question

Furthermore, you might decide to re-create those wildly popular Buzzfeed-style quizzes (which take up a whopping 66% of social media newsfeeds), in which case you’ll need the option to implement image-based answers.

Or, you might go for multiple choice answers which keep people hanging around for longer.

4. They let you get creative and customize your quiz design

Standing out in the online noise is something a lot of brands crave. In fact, 70% of consumers will trust your brand if you create custom content – hence why customization is key.

Think about it this way: people take a lot of quizzes a day. If they’re going to remember you and your brand, you’ve gotta make it count. Are they more likely to remember a generic quiz that looks the same as others, or one that’s customized with your branding?

And then think about the follow-up. If they’re not used to your branding, they might think “who is this all up in my inbox?” when you start nurturing them via email afterward.

Depending on the quiz builder you use, customization can come in many forms. It might include things like:

  • Being able to create a customized start page
  • The ability to swap out images and text
  • Creating your own branding around your quiz to make it stand out and align with your business

As you can see on the image below, the LeadQuizzes quiz creator enables you to customize every aspect of quiz design:

LeadQuizzes Design Customization

5. They let you be logical

The best online quiz maker makes quiz creation logical and intuitive. This does not only mean that all the aspects of quiz creation should make sense but also that it should allow for logic branching.

What is it exactly? Logic branching (or skip logic) allows you to determine what your respondents see next based on the answer they provided to the previous question.

For example, the “What’s your style?” quiz below serves the takers different sets of questions based on their gender:

12 Things the Best Online Quiz Creators Have in Common

It then uses logic branching to determine which questions will be shown to male takers and which to the female ones (you don’t want to tell a guy that he would look good in a tight black dress, do you?).

12 Things the Best Online Quiz Creators Have in Common

The LeadQuizzes skip logic feature lets you show the respondents only the most relevant steps based on their response. More importantly, it lets you skip questions that are not relevant to avoid overwhelming your takers and keep your quizzes short and sweet.

6. They let you create lead generation quizzes that encourage upsells and promotions

Once you’ve got people engaged in your content, you can offer them a personalized product based on their results – this is the exact method one B2B company did to generate 19.22% more demo to sale conversions.

However, it can be tricky trying to integrate all of this into a quiz, so a platform that lets you drag and drop offers and create specific promotions that align with your quiz is vital.

The Best Quiz Maker Gets You Up to 500% More Leads

Start generating leads now!

The Best Quiz Maker Gets You Up to 500% More Leads

Start generating leads now!

Take Rejuv Medical’s hormone imbalance quiz that drove their users to a free consultation page. It helped them generate 947 leads, which they turned into 30 consultations and 15 new patients, resulting in $18,000 in new revenue after only 6 weeks.

Rejuv Medical Quiz

Want some of that action? Choose a quiz creator that lets you personalize your product pitches based on your participants’ results.

LeadQuizzes enables you to personalize just everything about your quizzes – from design, over branding (you can remove the LeadQuizzes logo and replace it with yours), question and answer type and style, complex logic branching and mapping, to sales-worthy result pages.

7. They let you create other forms of interactive content

Quiz software should only be used for creating quizzes, right? Wrong.

In addition to quizzes, the best quiz builders enable you to create other forms of interactive content based on the concept of questions and answers, such as llead generation forms, Likert scale questionnaires, and NPS surveys.

12 Things the Best Online Quiz Creators Have in Common
LeadQuizzes NPS Survey

In order to increase conversions, you have to keep your users engaged. What better way to do it than interactive content? More than 70% of marketers say that interactive content is effective at converting site visitors.

Undoubtedly, quizzes are the undisputed champions of interactive content. But, depending on your specific needs, you may also want to use a quiz creator to create slightly different types of content.

With LeadQuizzes, you’re able to create a wide range of quizzes, surveys, and forms that can help you increase leads and learn more about your audience.

8. They easily transform into a trivia machine or test maker for teachers

Remember the time when lead generation wasn’t one of the major business concerns? It was the time when people used quizzes to test knowledge or just for fun.

Many educators, teachers, and quizmasters now take advantage of interactive online quizzes for educational purposes. Let’s face it – students no longer find the old pen-and-paper tests engaging and stimulating enough. They need something that better suits their everyday digital habits.

Here’s a sample question from the LeadQuizzes vocabulary quiz:

LeadQuizzes Vocabulary Quiz

The best test maker for teachers allows you to create multiple-choice tests, ask open-ended long or short answer questions, add image or video-based questions and answers, and more. It also lets you choose whether to display the correct answers immediately after each of the questions or just show them a pre-set result based on the number of correct answers they got.

You should be able to use those to test general knowledge, geography, math, vocabulary, movie or sports trivia, and more (templates available, grab them for FREE from your LeadQuizzes account!).

The Best Online Quiz Creators – After You Make a Quiz

9. They let you use quizzes to build email lists

Lead generation quizzes are created specially to get you more subscribers and sales, and a major part of that process is capturing the email addresses of your participants.

This means you need to grab their details with a lead capture form (which we recommend putting in place just before you give them their results).

The best quiz software offers easy integration with most major email providers, making it an absolute breeze to build your email list and customer base.

Let’s go back to Rejuv Medical again. How did they make so many new patients?

Once they built their initial email list, they followed up on consultation requests within 24 hours with 3 emails throughout the week. Then they spent 15 minutes on phone before booking the in-person consultation. Finally, patients received SMS reminders before the scheduled appointment and called if no confirmation.

After adding another email follow up sequence and additional sales training, they were estimated to hit $40k – $50k/month revenue.

You see, not everyone buys on the first go.

That’s why it’s vital to grow your email list, segment your potential customers, and follow up with them until they are ready to make a purchase. LeadQuizzes analytics enables you to easily view and export all the emails you’ve collected:

12 Things the Best Online Quiz Creators Have in Common

When you grab their email address, you can then segment them in your email provider based on their results and send them personalized, relevant emails and product pitches. Marketers have noted a 760% increase in sales with segmented campaigns – the numbers don’t lie.

10. They let you be omnipresent

While most quiz creators allow your quizzes to be shared on social media and some let you embed to your website or blog, just a few have the possibility to share your quiz as a website popup.

And website popup is what makes your quiz omnipresent. There’s no way a visitor can miss it if it pops out and takes over the entire screen, right?

The best online quiz makers let you configure website popup so as to show to mobile or website users (or both) or trigger on specific pages only.

12 Things the Best Online Quiz Creators Have in Common

In addition, the website popup feature enables your popup to show after a visitor takes a certain action on the page (after the page loads, after a time delay, based on exit intent or scroll percentage).

12 Things the Best Online Quiz Creators Have in Common

With LeadQuizzes, configuring your own quiz website popup takes just a few minutes!

11. They secure quiz shares

Shares are the currency of social media. The more you have the richer you are, right?

And boy do people love to share quizzes.

Why? Because it says something about themselves without them having to brag.

Once a participant has taken your quiz, it’s likely that they’ll want to share their results with their friends and family, which means it’s important to have in-your-face sharing options.

It’s not just the quiz results that get shared, the same goes for quizzes themselves. People are usually curious about how they fare compared to people they know or eager to share a funny or useful quiz with the community.

Let’s take the thyroid imbalance risk assessment quiz by Integrative Health as an example. Their sponsored quiz got 155 additional shares just because people found it useful and wanted to tell their friends.

12 Things the Best Online Quiz Creators Have in Common

Strangely enough, not all quiz software include this, but you should have a variety of social sharing methods as well as the option to embed the quiz on blog posts and webpages.

12. They are best buds with Facebook

Just like Yin and Yang, bread and butter, wine and cheese – quizzes and Facebook go together extremely well. In fact, according to Buzzsumo, 84% of all social media shares of quizzes are on Facebook.

Facebook Quizzes

Even though you might not get Facebook quiz marketing on the first try, once you do, you’ve hit the lead generation jackpot.

To do so, it’s essential to choose the right quiz builder.

The best quiz maker for Facebook lets you create ad-worthy lead generation quizzes with ease and use the Facebook Pixel to track your conversions and revise your ad campaigns that are not performing well enough.

This powerful short piece of code allows you to monitor the performance of your Facebook ads and act accordingly so as to maximize conversions. You can use the Facebook Pixel to create different audiences based on the answers they provided to your quiz questions.

For instance, if you’re selling luxury sports cars, you can choose to target only the people who said that they are looking to spend $50k+ on a car. That way, you will be targetting (and spending money on) people who actually are potential buyers.

Finding the Best Online Quiz Creator for Your Needs

You might be looking back at this post and wondering how you’re ever going to find a quiz software that has all of these features and benefits.

With LeadQuizzes, we make sure that every step of the quiz creation process is intuitive and strategic. Our extensive list of features, templates, and integrations means you can easily customize your quiz, glean inspiration from some of the most successful quizzes, and intuitively track leads and personalize your marketing techniques.

Together, these features make creating a quiz easy and, most importantly, successful.

LeadQuizzes vs. other tools? Well, the decision is all yours.

We’ve given you an overview of the 12 things all the best quiz platforms should contain – the best thing you can do now is to sign up for our 14-day free trial and decide for yourself if our quiz builder is worth your time and money.

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The Best Quiz Maker Gives You UNLIMITED Features for FREE!

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