LeadQuizzes’ Content Guidelines

Last revised date: December 8, 2018

1. LeadQuizzes Content

At Leadquizzes we give you free reign to customize and craft your quizzes or surveys to cater for your audience, but we also believe that there will always be people, in all audiences, that will be sensitive to certain types of content. We want everyone to feel that when participating in our quizzes, that it is a valuable and safe experience. Therefore, although we shall leave it up to you to apply your discretion as to the content and be responsible with your quizzes, we shall intervene where absolutely required to keep our quiz community safe and our brand trustworthy.

2. The Boundaries of Responsible Quizzing

As stated in our terms of service, there are some areas of content that are strictly prohibited and we also stated that we can remove content at any time in our own discretion, but (as above) we won’t intervene unless we really have to and this is only where the boundaries, of allowable content, are crossed. Pornography or sexual content is not something we are interested in promoting or being associated with, so please keep this type of content out of your quizzes Any content that breaks the law is clearly not allowed, such as promoting hatred (including race, religion, disability, gender, age, sexuality), drugs, drink or even infringing copyright or intellectual property. Although quizzes and survey are in our opinion the best way to interact with your potential customers and as a marketing tool, a completely indispensable way of creating leads, we will not tolerate spam or fraud to any user of the internet. Finally, we want all of our users to enjoy making and taking the quizzes, so if any content harms any user or their property, we will intervene.

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