LeadQuizzes Features

LeadQuizzes features were designed to integrate seamlessly with your marketing.


Quiz Builder

Create your own custom quiz or choose from one of our tested and proven quiz templates. Using quizzes to generate leads and sales should deliver killer results, not killer headaches. LeadQuizzes is easy to navigate and designed to produce quizzes with the highest conversion rates in the industry.


Custom Start Page

How are you going to engage your ideal prospect? Strike up a conversation that they would likely respond to. Ask your audience a question by choosing a quiz title that will peak interest, and leave them wanting more. Select an eye grabbing image and devise a compelling call to action. Create a custom start page within LeadQuizzes or, easily disable the quiz start page, and create your very own external custom landing page.


URL Redirect

We like to make sure that we give you the structure to create high converting quiz funnels, without the restrictions. Our URL redirect feature allows you to lead your quiz taker to your own sales pages based on their results, automatically! This feature can also be used to brand your results page however you like, including the quiz takers name and quiz outcome.


Image Based Answers

Give your quiz taker an interactive experience by using images for the quiz answers, rather than just text. Use images for all of your quiz questions or just a few, we’ve made the experience completely customizable. This feature is especially useful if you are in the e-commerce space and want to show your different products.


Lead Capture Form

The reason we’re here folks. Thank your audience for taking the quiz, and ask for their information in exchange for their results. Customize your lead capture form to get you the information you desire for a smooth transition from quiz to results.


Email Integrations

Seamlessly pass information from LeadQuizzes to your CRM with one of the ten integrations offered within the software. Don’t see your email marketing system? Send your LeadQuizzes data to 500+ apps, via our Zapier connection!


Embed & Share

You’ve created a beautiful quiz. Now what? Each quiz will come with it’s own URL and embed code to allow you to drive traffic to it from a number of different sources. Utilize paid traffic on social media, and watch how quizzes can easily go viral. Use our embed codes to embed your quiz on your landing page or blog posts to also drive traffic to your quiz.


Inline Embed Code

If you’re ready to increase lead capture with your existing website traffic by 400-500%, easily embed the quiz right on the homepage or blog of your website using our inline embed code.


Popup Text Embed Code

As website visitors click your call to action text, have the quiz appear with our popup text embed code. This will allow them to stay on the existing web page, and take your quiz through a seamless popup.


Exit Popup Embed Code

Create yet another opportunity to strike up conversation with your website visitors by creating a quiz popup. As your visitors move their mouse to close or exit the browser, a popup promoting your quiz will appear.


Tracking Pixel

Attach pixels to your quizzes from all major advertising platforms. If you are running ads on multiple platforms, you can attach multiple pixels on your quiz and still track them appropriately!


Create Offers

Present a specific product or service to your quiz takers with ease! After you quiz takers complete the quiz and optin, offer them a personalized offer based on their results. Drive them directly to your website, sales page, webinar, and more.


Quiz Customization

Choose colors and fonts that will display your brand and personality effortlessly! LeadQuizzes eliminates disjointed experiences. You will have the freedom to create your quiz to meet the exact style specifications of your business.


A/B Split Testing

Create your highest converting funnel yet by easily split testing things like quiz start page, length, offers, copy, colors, and more. Quizzes are already an inexpensive and highly effective marketing tactic, and split testing can improve effectiveness even further, without big investments.

Find out why our customers love using LeadQuizzes
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Once we implemented LeadQuizzes we literally saw over 500% increase in leads Neil patel
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 The quizzes are awesome. Not only do they help people figure out what problems they're having but people love to take them, share, and tag their friends. It's such an amazing lead generation magnet. I've gotten over 5,000 brand new leads in less than a month! I could not recommend them anymore!  Danny Johnson
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LeadQuizzes has been a tremendous competitive advantage in our ability to grow our email list and create a bigger impact. We used the done-for-you option. They have been very responsive and extremely consistent at meeting their deadlines. Overall it’s been a great experience! Dr Kellyann Petrucci
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I just wanted to say thanks. My book, The Hormone Secret, became a national bestseller and your help in growing my list was part of how that happened. Your ability to take my hormone quiz and code it in such a way that the Facebook ads were AMAZING. Your advertisement made the ad costs to be so low. Thank you again for your list growing superpower and I can’t wait to work with you again on another project soon! Dr Tami Meraglia
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LeadQuizzes has been the BEST tool of generating new leads we’ve ever used! We are generating leads at only $.13/lead – giving us a HUGE competitive advantage. Additionally, we sell hoof boots for horses, which is a new concept for our industry and it requires a lot of customer education. LeadQuizzes is the perfect way to begin that education process. Cavallo Horse and Rider
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They are the real deal. They’ve been terrific to work with. We’ve been working with them on 1 quiz funnel and more to come. Within the first 2 weeks we saw a positive ROI on our campaigns and we are at the point where we can scale and serve a lot more people Yuri Elkaim

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