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Generate Leads & Drive Sales Using Quizzes

Use quizzes to capture qualified leads, engage your audience,
gain customer insights, and build out your sales funnel.


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LeadQuizzes is a lead generation software

Use quizzes to attract, qualify, and market to leads.

Lead Generation

Generate qualified leads far beyond the reach of your current audience and build a high converting list of leads.

Product Promotion

Promote your products or services to those most likely to purchase based on their quiz results.

Audience Engagement

An engaged audience is more likely to purchase. LeadQuizzes engages your audience on social media, websites, blogs, or email campaigns.

Customer Survey

Get customer feedback, test offer effectiveness, and gain insights with customer surveys.


Why Quizzes Work

Quizzes are engaging and entertaining making them
the perfect lead magnet for your business.

Step 1: Create & Publish

Create your quizzes by using LeadQuizzes elegant quiz builder. Select from one of dozens of templates or start fresh with your own quiz idea. Follow step-by-step instructions in LeadQuizzes to setup your integrations, questions, outcomes and more.

Step 2: Drive Traffic

Promote your quizzes by utilizing organic or paid social media traffic, website or blog traffic and more. Your LeadQuizzes are shareable, and embeddable meaning you can get the most out of your current traffic and can capitalize on paid traffic.

Step 3: Capture & Promote

Capture qualified leads and promote products and services in a personalized way. Automatically segment leads based on outcomes, allowing you to reach your audience with information and deals most relevant to their needs. Promote sales, deals and more!

Step 4: Convert

Drive direct and follow-up sales. Convert leads directly from your outcome page through a personalized offer and landing page url. Convert leads down the line with a follow up sequence that is personalized based on the quiz taker's outcome. 


The Anatomy of a Quiz

Quiz Start Page

The quiz start page conveys the quiz topic, describes why it is important, and generates interest.

The Questions

Your questions establish expertise, build trust, and strategically qualify your leads based on how they answer.


Lead Capture Form

Quiz takers submit their name, email, or phone number on the Lead Capture Form to get access to their quiz results, allowing you to capture valuable lead information.

Results & Offer Page

Quiz results are displayed and a customized offer is presented based on the results.

Find out why our customers love using LeadQuizzes
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Once we implemented LeadQuizzes we literally saw over 500% increase in leads Neil patel
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 The quizzes are awesome. Not only do they help people figure out what problems they're having but people love to take them, share, and tag their friends. It's such an amazing lead generation magnet. I've gotten over 5,000 brand new leads in less than a month! I could not recommend them anymore!  Danny Johnson
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LeadQuizzes has been a tremendous competitive advantage in our ability to grow our email list and create a bigger impact. We used the done-for-you option. They have been very responsive and extremely consistent at meeting their deadlines. Overall it’s been a great experience! Dr Kellyann Petrucci
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I just wanted to say thanks. My book, The Hormone Secret, became a national bestseller and your help in growing my list was part of how that happened. Your ability to take my hormone quiz and code it in such a way that the Facebook ads were AMAZING. Your advertisement made the ad costs to be so low. Thank you again for your list growing superpower and I can’t wait to work with you again on another project soon! Dr Tami Meraglia
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LeadQuizzes has been the BEST tool of generating new leads we’ve ever used! We are generating leads at only $.13/lead – giving us a HUGE competitive advantage. Additionally, we sell hoof boots for horses, which is a new concept for our industry and it requires a lot of customer education. LeadQuizzes is the perfect way to begin that education process. Cavallo Horse and Rider
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They are the real deal. They’ve been terrific to work with. We’ve been working with them on 1 quiz funnel and more to come. Within the first 2 weeks we saw a positive ROI on our campaigns and we are at the point where we can scale and serve a lot more people Yuri Elkaim

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