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Badass Jewelry & Apparel

GothRider™ is all about Rockin’ & Ridin’ in style until hell freezes over! Each eCommerce product they sell tells a story about its owner, whether it’s a blatant watch or jewel, or a suggestive piece of clothing. They’re building a strong brand for the rebel, untamable bikers.



Find a cheaper way to acquire leads and customers

Facebook advertising costs continues to increase and with the increased expense, GothRider™ was looking for a cheaper way to acquire leads and customers consistently and at scale.


Which Famous Biker Are You?

GothRider™ created a fun celebrity-type quiz around famous motorcycle riders. They advertised it using a video ad on Facebook. After much testing they drove their lead cost down to $0.04/lead. After a quiz taker opted in, they were taken to various offers; a free + shipping or a discounted product purchase, with an upsell and downsell offer to follow. This sales process converted at 3%, offsetting any ad costs and with a simple email follow up sequence led to profitably generating 75,813 leads.


Facebook Ads Testing

Facebook Ads Testing

GothRider™ tested lots of different ads, ultimately finding short copy with a video worked best for them.

Quiz Testing

GothRider™ tested different quizzes and different lengths to increase lead and sales conversions.

Quiz Testing
Offer Image Testing

Offer Image Testing

GothRider™ constantly tested their offer image to drive more visitors to their sales page.

Offer Testing

GothRider™ tested different offers to increase profitability from its new customers.

Offer Testing
Upsell and Downsells

Upsell and Downsells

GothRider™ added upsell and downsell opportunities for customers to increase average order size.


GothRider™ used LeadQuizzes to profitably generate over 75,813 leads.

75,813 Leads Generated

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