3 Examples of Revenue-Generating Personality Quizzes to Inspire You

Everyone loves a fun personality quiz. From “Which evil dictator are you?”, to “Are you sweet, savory, or spicy?”, we’ve all been guilty of taking these quizzes and sharing it with friends while laughing uproariously.

After Buzzfeed’s immense success, brands are now using personality quizzes to promote their business in all sorts of ways. Skyrocketing email lists, generating revenue, creating a money-making little black book of customers and what not.

These quizzes are also being used in the traditional marketplace. 62% of human resources professionals are using personality tests to vet candidates in the hiring process.

Let’s discuss 3 brands that have seen massive success through these quizzes and learn what they’re doing right!

“Which Celebrity Entrepreneur Are You Most Like?” – Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is a professional football player turned even-more-successful business coach. He teaches others to build a lifestyle business around doing what they love.

He wanted to convert his website visitors into subscribers and ultimately customers. He created a personality quiz, “Which Celebrity Entrepreneur Are You?” and used it as a lead magnet to hook visitors in. This one quiz increased his email list by 42%.

Apart from being promoted strategically across different platforms, there are several reasons why the quiz did really well.

  • Credibility

64% of marketing executives “strongly agree” that data-driven marketing is crucial to success in a hyper-competitive global economy.

Lewis Howes has a popular podcast, The School of Greatness Podcast, where he interviews popular entrepreneurs and other inspiring personalities.

Lewis Howes Podcast

Lewis Howes painstakingly accumulated data on these personalities over the years and based this quiz’s result on it.

To strengthen his argument and increase conversions from website visitors to quiz participants, he mentions this little fact on the page. Since you only have around 8 seconds to grab their attention, this strategy works great.

Lewis Howes Personality Quiz

It compels people to take the quiz because they know the results are going to based on real data. They scream authentic and are not generic like many other personality quizzes in this niche.

  • Targeted Q and As

He knows his target audience very well, and his questions and answers indicate that. They’re not run of the mill, nor full of industry jargon. Just the right mix to engage their audience and get enough data to base future marketing strategies on. Answers are also visual-free to avoid distractions.

Lewis Howes Personality Quiz

“Which Famous Biker Are You?” – GothRider

GothRider is a ‘strong brand for the rebel, untamable bikers’ and all of their products exhibit that. But like most eCommerce businesses, they wanted a cheaper way to acquire leads and customers consistently.

And what better way than to lure them in through a fun personality quiz. Their quiz, ‘Which famous biker are you?’ that revolved around famous celebrity motorcycle riders from Sons of Anarchy, generated 75,813 leads.

Let’s see why this quiz was so popular.

  • Niche audience

GothRider caters to a very niche audience – bad-ass bikers or biker enthusiasts. Their quiz clearly reflects that.

Since they wanted a constant stream of happy customers and not just a lengthy email list, they needed to target their audience and repel everyone else.

GothRider Personality Quiz

You don’t need to put up a generic personality quiz to appeal to your audience. If you have a niche audience, you can create a targeted quiz based on that.

  • Offered a new angle

When you search for ‘biker quiz’ on Google, you’ll find a list of meh quizzes pop up. Nothing that would make you click on it instantly.

eCommerce Personality Quiz

GothRider increased the oomph factor by using popular celebrity bikers. The topic was interesting yet general enough to ring true with their audience.

  • Language speaks to the audience

The questions and answers need to engage participants and gently nudge them towards the end of the quiz. If you’re catering to a niche audience, you need to speak their language and use words, phrases and even questions that relate exclusively to them.

And that’s exactly what GothRider has done.

GothRider Personality Quiz

Even their results and the cool CTA button speaks to their target audience.

The only thing I’d add here is the image of Charlie Hunnam in his Sons of Anarchy garb, or maybe a scene from the show to reflect this result.

GothRider Personality Quiz


Do the same. Be conversational. Speak to them in their language. As Neil Patel says, “I try to approach it as if I’m sitting down with someone face-to-face and having a conversation.”

‘Are You an Emotional Eater?’ – Hungry for Happiness

Hungry for Happiness caters to people with body image and eating disorders. They wanted to build an email list of their target audience that they could reach out to frequently and serve in a better way.

They opted for quizzes as their main email building tactic. They created a personality quiz, ‘Are you an emotional eater?’ and targeted women with eating disorders in their audience.

Hungry for Happiness Personality Quiz

They drove people to the quiz through FB ads. When participants reached the end of the quiz, they had to give their email address and name to receive results. The results were one of the following,

  1. The Emotionless Eater
  2. The Overwhelmed Eater
  3. The Stressed Out Emotional Eater
  4. The Anxious and Fearful Emotional Eater

It was huge hit and they received 3,934 leads in just 4 months.

So why was this quiz so successful, while others in the same niche fail dismally?

  • Constant testing

One thing Hungry for Happiness stressed most upon during this journey was testing every part for their quiz. They didn’t give up when results were lackluster, but tweaked and revamped several areas till they had a perfect quiz.

One of these areas was the length of their quiz. Shorter quizzes generally perform better and once they realized this, they reduced the number of questions from 25 to 10. This meant that people could complete their quiz faster and the drop off got reduced.

All the big brands believe in the power of testing. In 2011, Google ran more than 7000 tests just to find out which shade of blue converted better!

  • Language was spot on

Like other successful quizzes, they used language in their quiz that directly spoke to their audience. The questions and answers weren’t technical in nature, which meant a huge group of women (not just with eating disorders) could relate to most of them. The language used was very visual and casual in nature.

Hungry for Happiness Personality Quiz

Don’t be afraid to use casual phrases you use in daily life. Your quiz needs to speak to your audience and if your tone is boring and formal, people will close your quiz without participating at all.

As Tommy Walker rightly says in the Crazy Egg blog, “The best way to resonate with a market is to become a reflection of its ideal self.”

Extra tips to nail your next personality quiz

1. Limit the number of your answers to 4 or 5. Each questions should have the same number of answers. Feel free to check out our personality quiz template examples for inspiration.

2. Make sure your answer options are completely different from each other. Some quizzes have answers that are so similar to each other, it’s hard to choose one and users get stuck. You want users to quickly get to the finish line and not get stuck anywhere.

3. Visuals add oomph to your personality quizzes. If it’s not a serious quiz or one that demands technical information, you should incorporate visuals as much as you can. You can turn your answers into images, your result can have fun images, the front image on the quiz page should also be fun enough to prompt users into taking the quiz.

4. Your results should clearly state what they are. A legit personality, or personality traits that succinctly summarizes the result description.

5. Don’t choose a done-to-death topic. Offer a different angle and use personalities that haven’t been used before. If people in your niche are using celebrities, you can go for politicians, animated characters, or even TV show personalities. Think out side of the box.

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Build Your Email List By 100K This Year Using Quizzes

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