How Databox Leveraged Marketing Agencies to Grow to $1.5M

Pete Caputa, CEO of Databox, talks about their strategy of creating an ecosystem for agencies to learn about Databox, and how building out a partner program helped Databox grow to $1.5M in annual revenue.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • [01:48] Pete’s experience at HubSpot
  • [05:07] How Pete got involved with Databox
  • [07:45] How Databox started
  • [10:32] Building out the partner program at Databox
  • [12:41] Pricing for Databox
  • [13:16] What they do to attract more agencies to Databox
  • [15:25] How they define top partners
  • [16:02] How they went about finding agencies
  • [17:37] Their strategy of creating an ecosystem for agencies to learn about Databox through article contributions
  • [21:21] Creating surveys and getting input from different agencies
  • [22:00] Why they outsource the writing of articles
  • [24:36] The Databox free program and why they decided to keep it
  • [28:28] How they got more users to use their software
  • [30:00] How they come up with ideas to help improve adoption
  • [32:27] When Pete felt that Databox was going to fail
  • [34:42] The one thing they did that had the biggest impact on their growth
  • [35:38] The area that Pete was personally involved in growing at Databox

Key Takeaways:

  • Agencies are being bombarded by software companies right now, and so the product really needs to work for them.
  • The first thing that software companies get wrong is they start a partner program and they don’t even think about how the agencies are going to do their work.
  • Most agencies hesitate to spend even a few bucks a month and so it’s good to set up the price so that it’s a very minimal amount of money per client, and it’s very easily justified by any time savings they would get from automating.
  • The nice thing about agencies is they kind of pay attention to each other and they learn from each other, so once you get a few partners on board, it becomes a lot easier to be more credible with the rest.

Action Steps:

  • Invite agencies to contribute to articles that you’re writing as a way for you to get in front of them without being promotional about what you do.
  • Consider offering a freemium product by looking at its benefits to sales and marketing.

Pete said:

“I realized there was a real pain point for agencies, specifically, in that they were manually producing their reports at the end of the month for every client by logging in to multiple tools… and realized that we could automate a lot of that process for them.”

“I look at marketing combined with a freemium product and to me, it just feels like a cash register because, especially with organic content marketing, once you figure something out, it produces returns for you for a long time with very little care and feeding.”

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