Top 5 Infusionsoft Marketplace Integrations Used by Marketing Agencies

In April 2019, we surveyed 20+ marketing agencies and marketers about their favorite Infusionsoft Marketplace integrations. Most of the agencies we surveyed are certified Infusionsoft partners or extremely successful individuals in the world of business and marketing.

They were asked about their favorite Infusionsoft integrations (what they use them for and how they manage to get the most out of them) and about what overall goals they are trying to achieve using Infusionsoft.

After gathering enough data, we compiled and analyzed all the answers to create this list of top 5 Infusionsoft Marketplace solutions used by marketing agencies in 2019.

Before we share our survey findings down below (some of which you might find surprising), let’s just briefly go over what Infusionsoft is and how it can help you automate your marketing and sales.

What is Infusionsoft?

Founded in 2001, Infusionsoft is a marketing and sales platform that offers products in the field of customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, e-commerce, and lead capture.

In 2019, it’s been rebranded as Infusionsoft by Keap. In addition to the Infusionsoft application, the company’s leaders have decided to offer a more comprehensive set of tools created specifically for small businesses. Even though they advertise as a solution aimed at small businesses, our survey has shown that it is a very popular platform among digital agencies too.

Infusionsoft by Keap Logo

Whether you are a small business owner, a marketing agency or a entrepreneur, you must have already learned the true value of automatization. With so many things on our mind, we’re always looking for ways to save some time and effort and focus on things that require more creativity. If, however, you still haven’t learned how to automate your marketing and sales – meet Infusionsoft.

How You Can Use Infusionsoft to Automate Marketing and Sales

According to Social Media Today’s “State of Marketing Automation Survey Report” from 2019, 75% of marketers and marketing agencies state they’re currently using at least one marketing automation tool.

As one of the most popular marketing automation tools out there, Infusionsoft by Keap is being used by marketers for many things. You can use it to:

Personalize content & automate marketing efforts using the Infusionsoft CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are used to perform marketing and sales automation tasks and maintain customer relationships. You can use the Infusionsoft CRM to collect, organize, and analyze data on your leads and easily manage the customer’s individual records.

In addition, the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder can be used to personalize and automate communications, create landing pages and emails, and make necessary changes to your campaigns on the basis of their performance.

According to the 2018 Infusionsoft Customer Satisfaction Survey, automating your business can save you up to 47 hours a month.

Integrate with a number of Infusion Marketplace apps and services

Thanks to its great potential for integration with other apps, Infusionsoft does all the work for you. It integrates with all your favorite lead gen, sales, e-commerce, project management, customer service, analytics and reporting, and other tools.

But more about the Infusionsoft Marketplace integrations down below.

What Do Marketing Agencies Use Infusionsoft Integrations for?

In our 2019 Survey on Infusionsoft Integrations, we asked marketing agencies what main goal they’re trying to achieve using their favorite Infusionsoft integrations.

2019 LeadQuizzes Infusionsoft Marketplace Survey Question

As you can see in the question above, they were given six options to choose from depending on their ultimate business goal. Based on their answers, we came to the conclusion that the vast majority of digital agencies (59%) use Infusionsoft integrations to convert their leads into customers.

Furthermore, according to our survey findings, 23% of marketers visit the Infusionsoft Marketplace looking to attract more leads, 9% of them are hoping to nurture their current prospects (using different follow-up techniques), while 5% of them want to generate referrals.

For the detailed overview of the results, check out our graph below:

2019 LeadQuizzes Infusionsoft Marketplace Survey
2019 LeadQuizzes Infusionsoft Integrations Survey

The second part of our survey asked the respondents to name their favorite Infusionsoft integration while explaining how they use it and why it’s so valuable to them. After carefully gathering all the results, we came up with a list of the top 5 integrations used by marketers.

Here it is.

Top 5 Infusionsoft Marketplace Integrations for Marketers and Marketing Agencies

1. LeadQuizzes


What does it do?

I didn’t realize how powerful they were until I tested them out on my own website

“We tested this software out on one of our sites called At first, when I got approached by LeadQuizzes, I’m like – running a quiz… I know people have done it and it really worked out well. And from the case studies and testimonials I’ve seen around the internet, people said they got really good results. But I didn’t realize how powerful they were until I tested them out on my own website.” 

Why is it valuable to you?

Increased website lead capture by 500%

“We were collecting leads on and once we implemented LeadQuizzes, we literally saw over 500% increase in leads (emails collected). It’s not like we went from 5 leads to 25 leads. We were getting well into hundreds per day and then when we put LeadQuizzes up there we were getting 5x more.” Neil Patel, Neil Patel Digital

Neil actually did an entire case study for the LeadQuizzes website that was not a part of this survey. Another thing that was not a part of this particular survey is the story about how Yazamo used quizzes to grow their marketing agency to $720,000.

2. PlusThis


What does it do?

Add-ons for marketing automation

“Add-ons for marketing automation. The options are truly endless with all the add-ons they have created and the integration with Infusionsoft is exemplary.” – Kate Wratten, Kativa Business Solutions

Helps grow sales, wow customers and save time

“I admit, I may be biased, but I find PlusThis to be my favorite Infusionsoft integration. The simple reason is because PlusThis gives you access to an entire Campaign Toolkit for your marketing campaigns. In addition to everything you can already do with Infusionsoft, PlusThis adds so much more including SMS, Webinar Automation, Facebook Retargeting, Video Tracking, Split Testing, Expiring Offers and more. We use it for a variety of purposes to grow our sales, wow customers and save time.” – Bryce Christiansen, PlusThis

What doesn’t it do? The swiss army knife for all things marketing

“I think the best response to this is, ‘what doesn’t it do’? Seriously… PlusThis is the swiss army knife to all things marketing. It gives Infusionsoft superhuman powers. It’s great for Lead Generation. Lead Nurture. Conversion Optimization. Delighting and Wow’ing Customers. Upselling. It allows small businesses to truly optimize the entire Lifecycle Marketing process. – Misty Kortes, Your Marketing Coach

A whole new level of marketing automation

“PlusThis does a whole ton of things that many times seems surprising Infusionsoft can’t do on its own, or natively. From simple features such a calculating a date, to evaluating how much time has past in between dates, to allowing you to utilize SMS, and the list goes on from there. To us, it truly takes you to a whole new level of marketing automation with Infusionsoft allowing you to look really personalized and smart with your customers.” – Lindsey Perron, Viral Solutions

Facebook Audience Triggers

“It allows you to add/remove leads in campaigns to specific ads within Facebook. It’s a really useful tool because we can have highly targeted and specific ads shown to specific groups of people based on where they’re at in our funnels. So when a new lead opts in we’re sending them through a series of ads to build trust and rapport and provide free value. Once they show they’re interested in more, we can automatically show them more specific ads about the products/services they’re most interested in.” – Tyler Cook, Success Engine

Why is it valuable to you?

Variety of features that help small businesses market their business

“We use this tool(box) in our own marketing agency, and we use it in helping hundreds of small businesses market their business every year. The top features we use PlusThis for are:

– Scarcity Triggers (allow us to automatically send people to a different page once a product is sold out or a cart closes). We use this a lot in Flash Sale Promotions.

– Smart Links (allow us to send people to different destinations based on tags and fields). Smart Links are AH-MAZ-ING! They take your segmentation to a whole new dimension!

– Facebook Lead Triggers (allow us to sync Facebook Leads with a CRM).

– SMS Messaging (you’d be crazy not to use this feature – guaranteed 100% open rate!).

– ZoomWebinar (register, track and create custom follow-up with attendees). Onc Click Upsell Video Triggers Automate Notes in Infusionsoft by Keap Add to Calendar Google Sheets Explorer” – Misty Kortes, Your Marketing Coach

Video Triggers – Apply tags based on how much of the video they watched

“Infusionsoft on its own is quite powerful, but in today’s world marketing is so much more than just emails. Today’s consumer expects more from a brand. They expect there to be a level of personalization. PlusThis with Infusionsoft takes personalization to the next level.

Let me give an example highlighting just one of the features PlusThis gives you. Video is hot right now when it comes to marketing, but what can really make video take off for you is when you know how much of a promotional video someone has or hasn’t watched and then following up with them accordingly. Infusionsoft by itself can not track how much of a video is watched. We can try and guess based on a click goal but this is us assuming a click means they watched the video.

This is where a PlusThis feature called Video Triggers comes in, the feature allows you to apply tags based on how much of the video they watched. This is valuable to us at Viral Solutions as it allows us to now set up campaigns for our clients, direct their list to watch a video and if we know they didn’t watch to a key part in the video where we mention the offer, we know to follow up with an email saying hey you may have missed that we have this amazing offer right now.

Those who do watch through the key part and see what the offer is but don’t buy we can follow up with them and say hey don’t forget about the offer you heard about. We have now instantly personalized our response based on a known action and met the customer where they are at in their journey with us rather than assuming if they clicked to watch the video they must have watched the whole thing.” – Lindsey Perron, Viral Solutions

Enables you to show more personalized ads

“The value it provides is being able to show more personalized ads and also product/service specific ads based on the actions they’ve taken in our funnels. If/when they stop progressing through our funnels, we can automagically re-target them to try and bring them back. Or we can provide more value after they opt-in for our lead magnets by showing them more value through our content based ads. Overall, it helps us show the right people, the right message, at the right time!” – Tyler Cook, Success Engine

3. iMember360


What does it do?

“It connects all the amazing automation and personalization power of Infusionsoft to any client-facing WordPress website. We have been successful at building experiences ranging from Surveys, Forms, Purchase Actions, Video Tracking, Quizzes, Games, Cart Abandonment, Referral Programs, Happy Birthday Campaigns, etc all with establishing the connection to the website.”

Why is it valuable to you?

“It allows us to auto-log in a user from any email or text message. This becomes incredibly valuable to speed up a user’s experience and personalize what they are seeing.” – Anthony Cassara, True Productions

4. Schedule Once

Schedule Once

What does it do?

No more phone tag or email tennis to find a mutually suitable time

“It’s a scheduling tool that shows your (and your sales team if you have one) availability and allows them to pick a time that works for them. No more phone tag or email tennis to find a mutually suitable time! Plus if you use video calls, it automatically creates a unique link for each meeting and adds all this to both yours and your potential clients’ calendar.

It allows you to create a simple form based on custom fields in Infusionsoft, where you ask them to fill in the answers to some qualification questions. This is key. You’re not letting just anyone get on the phone with you, only the most eager and qualified. More importantly, you can ask specific and strategically designed questions that do a lot of the qualifying that you would have needed to do on the call before you even talk to them.“

Why is it valuable to you?

This process has been a game changer for me. Systemising how I pre-qualify leads before they jump on a phone call has been one of the most profitable things I’ve done in recent years. Use this process in YOUR business and you WILL save time, improve your sales and lower your costs.

This way, you’re not selling in the way most think you have to. Instead, you’re disqualifying the people who have no urgent need for your help, or those that aren’t a good fit for what you do so that you only talk with the most qualified potential clients.

It’s no longer ‘selling’. It’s enabling. It’s empowering. Both for you, your business and your clients. This, along with removing the manual tasks you used to do just to get on the calls, can save a conservative 10-20 of wasted hours per week, per person. If it’s just you, that’s more time to focus on other things in your business or do something else (4-day week anyone…?!).” – Adam King, Think Like a Fish

5. AppointmentCore


What does it do?

It gives our prospects the ability to instantly schedule a demo with our sales team.”

Why is it valuable to you?

This is very important because our sales team has a 70% close rate on scheduled demos so it definitely drives sales into our company. Not only does it schedule the demo but it also follows up and reminds prospects of the upcoming demo to make sure that they show up. We have coupled it with our phone system to automatically send out text message reminders as well.” – Troy Howard, SoTellUs


To sum up the findings of our Infusionsoft Marketplace survey, we came to the conclusion that most Infusionsoft users use the integrations to convert leads into customers (59%) or generate new leads (23%).

When it comes to different apps and services that integrate with Infusionsoft, our respondents have given their thumbs up to a quiz maker (LeadQuizzes), marketing automation add-ons library (PlusThis), WordPress membership plug-in (iMember360), and two scheduling tools (Schedule Once and AppointmentCore).

Have a favorite Infusionsoft Marketplace integration that’s not on the list? If so, let us know and we may include your answer once we update the article!

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