TryInteract Alternatives – Why LeadQuizzes Might Be Your #1 Choice

Looking for TryInteract alternatives?

TryInteract (also known as Interact or Interact Quiz Maker) was launched in 2013.

It advertises as a tool for creating online quizzes that generate leads, segment your audience, and drive traffic to your website. 



If you were to Google “quiz maker”, you would get around 112,000,000 results. If you’re already familiar with the Interact tool and would like to see whether there are similar tools that might be better for your business, Googling “TryInteract alternatives” will still churn out over 8k results. 

With so many different choices, at some point, you are bound to ask yourself – “am I using the best quiz software for my needs?” Since this article is posted on the LeadQuizzes blog, obviously we are going to compare the TryInteract tool with LeadQuizzes to help you make an informed decision on which tool to use. 

TryInteract alternatives - LeadQuizzes

LeadQuizzes was founded in 2015. It is a platform that enables you to learn more about your target audience in a fun and engaging way through different types of interactive content. 

Being a powerful lead generator, the tool has found most of its users among marketers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. You can use it to create customizable drag-and-drop quizzes, beautiful forms, and data collection surveys for social media campaigns, market research, to obtain customer feedback – or just for fun. 

TryInteract vs. LeadQuizzes – Similar, yet different quiz builders 

Since both tools have a very similar base of users, sometimes it can be the very small things that make the difference and push you towards one solution or another. 

Variety of Quiz Formats 

When it comes to this segment, it’s easy to keep score: LeadQuizzes vs. TryInteract – 8:3.

TryInteract enables you to choose from three types of quizzes – personality, assessment, and scored – depending on whether you want to learn more about your quiz takers, build authority by educating them, or test their knowledge on a particular topic. 

LeadQuizzes, on the other hand, lets you choose from eight different types of quiz formats – assessment, diagnostic, matching, scored, Buzzfeed-style, IQ/trivia, personality, and true/false quiz. 

types of quizzes

Other types of interactive content

Funny enough, TryInteract (with “interact” in its name) is great for building quizzes but doesn’t give so much space to other types of interactive content. LeadQuizzes, with “quizzes” in its name, started out as a quiz builder but expanded to enable the creation of other types of interactive content, such as surveys and forms.

The tool didn’t change its name to LeadQuizzesForms&Surveys but it does offer more flexibility in terms of different types of interactive content you can create, compared to TryInteract.


When it comes to integrations both LeadQuizzes and TryInteract enable you to connect your quizzes with most of the popular marketing and automation tools, such as Active Campaign, ConvertKit, Drip, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, Shopify, Unbounce, and more. 


Perhaps it is a bit surprising that TryInteract doesn’t offer a direct integration with ClickFunnels (which LeadQuizzes does) but it’s still possible to connect your quiz with this marketing automation tool via Zapier. 

Design, customization, and branding

Both tools allow you to design your quizzes to look like an integral part of your website and not as a 3rd-party piece of content. You can fully customize the colors, fonts, images, and more. 

However, if you would like to remove the TryInteract logo from your quiz and use your own branding instead, you’d need to pay $89/month. Unlike most TryInteract alternatives, LeadQuizzes lets users on all plans fully customize their quizzes by removing the LeadQuizzes logo – you don’t need to switch to a more expensive plan to do so.


Judging by the numbers, TryInteract is an indisputable winner here – they offer 800 quiz templates to all paying users. Their templates are divided into industry categories that cover a wide range of quiz uses. 

When it comes to LeadQuizzes, there are more than 40 quiz templates to choose from, professionally designed and built around carefully selected topics to give you a head start no matter what industry you’re in. 


The main reason why you should consider LeadQuizzes as a TryInteract alternative is the fact that their templates are not limited to quizzes only. That being said, you can choose from additional 30+ survey and form templates – ranging from demographic surveys to t-shirt order forms.


TryInteract does have a free plan, but if you’re a marketer or a business owner, it’s practically useless because it doesn’t allow email collection. You can simply create a quiz and have people take it – but without collecting any lead data. 

Both Interact and LeadQuizzes have a free 14-day trial. More importantly, both tools offer full-featured trials so you can test the full capabilities of each quiz maker before you decide to become a paying user. 

As for the pricing, the two companies base their plans differently. While Interact puts a limitation on the number of emails you can collect with each plan (e.g. Growth Plan allows up to 10,000 emails per month), LeadQuizzes allows a certain number of quiz views for each plan (e.g. Pro Plan allows up to 50,000 quiz visitors per month).

TryInteract pricing:

TryInteract Alternatives - Why LeadQuizzes Might Be Your #1 Choice

LeadQuizzes pricing:

TryInteract Alternatives - Why LeadQuizzes Might Be Your #1 Choice

Other TryInteract alternatives

Now that you’ve looked into the TryInteract vs. LeadQuizzes comparison, you might still want to explore some of the additional alternatives to TryInteract. Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular tools in the industry. 


TryInteract Alternatives - Why LeadQuizzes Might Be Your #1 Choice

Typeform is one of the most used interactive content builders out there. For a detailed comparison and review, check out this article on Typeform alternatives.


As one of the pioneers in the field, SurveyMonkey has been around since the early days of online surveys.

TryInteract Alternatives - Why LeadQuizzes Might Be Your #1 Choice


It’s one of the most popular survey makers around that enables users to capture and analyze large volumes of data. Its main disadvantage (if you’re looking for a TryInteract alternative) is that it’s not really quiz software. 

Google Forms

If you’re looking for a free TryInteract alternative, Google Forms might be your choice.

TryInteract Alternatives - Why LeadQuizzes Might Be Your #1 Choice

Many people just need an easy way of collecting simple data about their users. They don’t need fancy forms with different field types or engaging quizzes and surveys – and this is where Google Forms kick in.

That being said, we can’t really consider Google Forms as one of the TryInteract alternatives or competitors in terms of the complexity of features, integrations and design options.


Nowadays, there are literally hundreds of quiz tools out there. TryInteract is one of them – and a pretty good tool too. LeadQuizzes has proven to be one of the best TryInteract alternatives on the market – and you could see how the two compare. 

My unbiased suggestion would be to try both and see which one is better for you. To get a FREE 14-day trial of LeadQuizzes (with UNLIMITED features), click here.