4 Best Typeform Alternatives (Free, Cheaper, or More Customizable)

Looking for a Typeform alternative?

With dozens of quiz creators, survey makers, and form builders out there, finding the right one for your particular needs is a nightmare.

That’s why we’ve decided to present you with an overview of the top Typeform alternatives that accommodate different individual needs, business goals, and budgets.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, an agency, a small business, or just a curious individual, you’re likely to find a tool that enables you to create any kind of interactive content you might need – from engaging quizzes, over market research surveys, to interactive forms.

But before I present you with the actual tools, there’s one important question we need to answer.

Why seek a Typeform alternative?

*Includes Typeform reviews by actual users, taken from Capterra.com

Typeform is undoubtedly a great form building tool. Still, it’s not for everyone. The “one size fits all” approach has once again failed miserably, leaving many users wandering around looking for Typeform competitors that better suit their particular needs.

Before I introduce you to 4 tools similar to Typeform (but better in at least one aspect), it would be reasonable to analyze why anyone would seek a Typeform alternative in the first place. To do so, I sought help from those who know this software the best – their actual users.

Below you’ll find a selection of Typeform reviews on Capterra (some of the most recent ones at the time of writing this post) with special emphasis on cons.

(Disclaimer: It’s not that there are no pros, of course, but for our purpose of finding a perfect Typeform alternative, we need to see what problems and complaints their users are having and if any other tool on the market can help deal with those more effectively.)

Here are some screenshots of the actual Typeform user reviews taken from Capterra:Typeform Capterra reviews

To sum those up, here are some of the things most users complain about:

  • Limited design options and complexity of use
  • Data security issues
  • Removing “built by Typeform” branding possible only with the most expensive plan
  • Costly pricing plans (Basic Plan starting at $29/month, Plus Plan at $59/month, Business Plan at $99/month, with a highly-restrictive free version)

But what about Typeform competitors, how do they fare when it comes to those and similar issues? Below you’ll find 4 alternative tools along with the reasons why you should consider using them instead of Typeform and the pricing plan comparisons.

Let’s dive in.

Top 4 Typeform Alternatives to Use in 2021

1. LeadQuizzes

LeadQuizzes is a quiz maker that enables you to easily create quizzes, surveys, and forms. It puts special emphasis on using interactive content to get more leads from your current website traffic or your advertising campaigns. It also enables you to learn more about your audience in a fun and engaging way.

Source: LeadQuizzes.com

As such, it has found the majority of its users among marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. People have been using it to create beautiful forms, drag and drop quizzes, and versatile surveys for e-commerce, social media campaigns, market research, customer feedback, or simply for fun.

Launched in 2015, LeadQuizzes is still considered a new kid on the block. But it’s seen by many as that one extremely talented kid, predestined to achieve great things.

So, how does LeadQuizzes compare to Typeform?

Let’s address some of the concerns a typical Typeform user has been having (listed above).


At first glance, LeadQuizzes seem like a slightly more expensive option. But if we dig in deeper into what each plan offers, we can see that Typeform limits the number of responses you can get each month (only 100 in the Basic, 1,000 in the Plus, and 10,000 in the Business Plan).

After you reach the respective plan limits, Typeform charges extra – $7.5 per 250, $10 per 500, and $50 per 5,000 additional responses. If you’re doing large-scale data collection, the sum you’re paying can be much larger than the initial plan pricing.

With LeadQuizzes, on the other hand, you get 5,000 visits with the cheapest plan. With decent targeting, you can turn those into much more than 100 responses that you get with the Typeform’s comparable plan. In case you don’t want to worry about any limitations whatsoever, the LeadQuizzes Premium plan offers unlimited visits and responses – which is not the case with any Typeform plan.

Plus, LeadQuizzes has no hidden costs (about which some of the Typeform users complained above). Check out the price/feature comparison in the table below:

LeadQuizzes vs Typeform

Even though Typeform offers a free Basic Plan, it’s very limited as it allows you only 100 responses/month and 10 questions/form. It’s good for getting to know the software but there’s not much you can actually do with such limited options.

LeadQuizzes, on the other hand, has no free plan but offers you a free 14-day trial with UNLIMITED features. This enables you to get to know the full capabilities of the tool without having to spend a dime. If you decide it’s worth your time and money, you can switch to a paid plan. If not, you can cancel your free trial without being charged.

Keep in mind that all the prices given above are on a monthly bases. If you opt for an annual subscription, Typeform offers a 16% discount, while LeadQuizzes lets you save up to 30%!


Experts have found that consistent branding can boost your revenue by up to 23%. That’s why it’s important to keep your branding consistent throughout all your online assets, including your website, social media, ads, and interactive content (such as quizzes, forms, and surveys).

When it comes to branding your quizzes, surveys, and forms, it’s vital that both the design and the copy of those match your other web assets. For example, if you embed a quiz on your website, it needs to be consistent with your overall brand image. That being said, you’ll probably want to remove any 3rd party branding from your interactive content.

With LeadQuizzes, ALL plans allow you to remove the LeadQuizzes branding from your content and replace it with your own logo or image. Typeform, on the other hand, requires you to pay $99/month to be able to do so.

Customization options and ease of use

When it comes to design options, both tools allow you to customize your content to a great extent. You can seamlessly adjust the colors, fonts, borders, opacity, add a background image, different types of forms, checklists, drop-downs, and so on.

With LeadQuizzes, every step of quiz creation seems more intuitive and strategic. This is due to a slightly different flow from the one Typeform uses. While Typeform allows you to see the entire form at once (where you’re able to scroll down to the last question without answering the previous ones), LeadQuizzes enables you to divide the content into several different steps.

This allows you to avoid overwhelming the takers with too many questions at once but also makes sure you get all the information you need. It also makes LeadQuizzes more suitable for creating different kinds of tests or trivia quizzes where you can show the correct answer after each of the questions.

Both tools have a highly advanced conditional logic feature. Both support a wide range of question types. Both integrate with the most popular marketing apps – from MailChimp over Zapier to most CRM tools.

Agency features

With agencies being a common LeadQuizzes user, it enables them to add multiple clients to their LeadQuizzes account as they grow and manage all from a single login. This opens an entirely new set of possibilities for managing and growing your business.

LeadQuizzes - Typeform alternative

Ultimately, this is not a question of LeadQuizzes vs. Typeform.

While LeadQuizzes has its own audience of marketers, entrepreneurs, and people looking for a user-friendly solution for quick and easy content creation, Typeform has its own loyal base of users who appreciate its recognizable style and flow. Both are great tools and, eventually, it all comes down to your personal preferences.

(Disclaimer: I work at LeadQuizzes. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a great tool! Don’t take my word, try it for FREE and see for yourself.)

2. SurveyMonkey

If LeadQuizzes is the new kid on the block, SurveyMonkey is an experienced veteran who has been around since the early days of online survey creation.

SurveyMonkey - Typeform alternative
Source: SurveyMonkey.com

Founded in 1999, SurveyMonkey has established its reputation as a robust and reliable survey tool. They enable their users to create surveys that can capture and analyze large volumes of data.

Typeform vs. SurveyMonkey? Here are a couple of the most important differences.


When it comes to pricing, SurveyMonkey offers separate Individual and Team plans.

One of the major downsides is that there’s only one plan that allows you to be billed monthly – Standard Individual Plan starting at $39/month. The rest of them are billed annually and range from $38 to $99 per month for Individual Plans and $30 to $75 per month for Business Plans (3 users minimum).

Note that the only monthly plan has a limitation of just 1,000 responses after which you’ll be charged an additional $0.15 per response.

This pricing comparison shows that SurveyMonkey is slightly more expensive than Typeform and significantly more expensive than LeadQuizzes. In fact, it might not be the most viable option if you’re not ready to commit to an annual subscription or if you’re an individual and not a team.

Note that they also have a Free Plan, but similarly to Typeform, it has serious limitations (10 questions, 100 responses, limited features). On the other hand, LeadQuizzes offers a limited-time free trial that gives you unlimited features.

Strong focus on data analysis

Unlike LeadQuizzes and Typeform, SurveyMonkey doesn’t have a strong focus on aesthetics. So, it might not be your first choice as LeadQuizzes survey builder that lets you engage your audience and create content that can become viral on social media

What they do focus on, however, is large-scale backend data analysis and research automation. SurveyMonkey enables you to collect a number of data points (such as NPS scores, opinion polls, customer support requests, etc.) and then conduct a thorough analysis of the obtained data in real time.

If you’re a professional data analyst, statistician, or anyone who needs to collect and analyze large quantities of quantitative data, SurveyMonkey might be your best choice when it comes to popular Typeform alternatives. Or if you’re looking for a similar tool, you can explore other SurveyMonkey alternatives.

3. Google Forms

If you’re looking for a free Typeform alternative, Google Forms are as good as it gets. It’s yet another tool in Google’s rich arsenal of software solutions.

Google Forms - Typeform competitor
Source: Google.com/forms

Many people just need an easy way of collecting simple data about their users. They don’t need fancy forms with different field types or engaging quizzes and surveys.

For example, Google Forms can be used to create a simple form asking your clients how much they enjoyed your last event and if you could’ve made it any better. As long as you don’t need to engage your respondents into taking the survey or submitting the form, Google Forms can suffice.

Be that as it may, making a Typeform vs Google Forms comparison in terms of the number and complexity of features, integrations and design options just doesn’t stand ground. Still, there’s one thing that makes Google Forms a worthy Typeform competitor – price.


Google Forms is free for personal use and can be used by anyone who has a free Gmail account. Using a slightly more advanced Forms for Business, on the other hand, requires a paid G Suite account.

Tip: To ensure you’re choosing the right form builder for your needs, check out this detailed Google Forms vs. LeadQuizzes comparison.

4. 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilder makes creating forms as easy as 1-2-3. Founded in 2008, this Typeform alternative has been around for more than a decade.

Source: 123FormBuilder.com

As the very name suggests, its main focus is on building web forms. Unlike Typeform, which puts emphasis on design and beautiful interface, 123FormBuilder’s main concern is functionality.

That being said, if you need to easily build forms (such as contact forms or registration forms) that will help you obtain information about your users, 123FormBuilder might be the SaaS of your choice. Still, keep in mind that this form building tool has limited capabilities when it comes to creating interactive content other than forms (such as surveys and particularly quizzes).

In terms of pricing, paid plans start at $24.99 monthly, which is a bit cheaper than the rest of the Typeform competitors, but still a bit steep keeping in mind that you can use it to create forms only and not quizzes and (more complex) surveys. There’s also a free plan, but it’s very limited as it only allows 100 submissions.

Great variety of form templates

This tool’s main advantage compared to Typeform is the number and variety of ready-made templates. 123FormBuilder boasts with 1,800+ available templates, which is significantly more than what Typeform offers.

Still, this raises the question of quality over quantity, as many of those templates are pretty much basic. Both LeadQuizzes and Typeform, on the other hand, offer a substantially smaller number of form templates, but those are much more carefully designed and enable users to achieve much more than simple data collection.

Other Noteworthy Typeform Competitors: Wufoo, Formstack, Paperform, Jotform, Zoho

And the list goes on. If you do a simple Google search for “online form builder” or “survey software”, you are likely to get hundreds of millions of search results showing various tools or ridiculously long lists of tools.

That’s why we’ve made our list short and sweet.

All of the Typeform alternatives listed here are carefully handpicked to provide you with a straightforward choice depending on your preferences – whether you’re looking for the free, the cheaper, or the better.


Today, finding the perfect quiz maker and survey builder is huge and there are literally hundreds of solutions out there. As it was impossible to include all of them here, I’ve decided to present you with top 4 Typeform alternatives that beat Typeform in at least one (different) aspect.

LeadQuizzes, a slightly more customizable solution than Typeform, is the best choice out there for marketers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. It has a strong focus on lead generation and getting to know your audience. You can use it to create beautiful and feature-rich quizzes, surveys, and forms that align with your own branding.

SurveyMonkey is the best solution for serious surveys and analysis of huge volumes of data. It’s a bit more expensive than Typeform and allows only one kind of a monthly plan.

Google Forms is the best free tool out there (though it has fairly limited features and options), while 123FormBuilder offers the greatest number of templates.

Whatever your final choice, make sure it fits your particular needs. The best way to do so is to try different tools out and decide for yourself. To get a 14-day FREE trial of LeadQuizzes (with UNLIMITED features), click on the image below!

It's quick. It's easy. It's FREE. Create your own quiz now!

Grab your 14-day FREE LeadQuizzes trial now!

It's quick. It's easy. It's FREE. Create your own quiz now!

Grab your 14-day FREE LeadQuizzes trial now!