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Hannah Azok is a TikTok Influencer and the Founder of Own Your Powers. She grew her TikTok audience to over 200K making TikTok videos on tarot readings some of which have gone viral. Her audience base consists of people who want to learn how to read tarot better, those who want to know if they are psychic and how they can utilize this.



Grow her email list.

Hannah was looking to grow her email list. Before using LeadQuizzes, she used an ebook as her lead magnet, but she wanted something more streamlined, easier to manage, and fun. She heard about the good results you could get using quizzes as a lead magnet and being a quiz junkie and someone that likes to learn about herself through quizzes, she decided to experiment with LeadQuizzes. She was able to grow her list by over 13,000 leads by promoting her quiz on her TikTok videos.


What is your psychic superpowers? Take the quiz for a peek at your specialization.

Hannah created a simple quiz titled, What is your psychic superpowers? to help her audience identify which one of the four dominant psychic superpowers they have. After respondents have answered eleven quick questions and opted in with their name and email address, they are taken to a result page that shows them their dominant psychic superpower and immediately added to a naturing email automation.


Promotion On TikTok

Promotion On TikTok

Hannah promoted the link to where you can find her quiz on her TikTok bio. She also posted a few videos talking about psychic superpowers, how you can identify if you have this ability and how to strengthen it by taking the quiz to find out more.

Automated Email Follow-up

Following up with leads helps improve their overall experience with your brand. Hannah set up email automation that sends a follow-up message to the leads as soon as they complete the quiz.

Automated Email Follow-up


Using TikTok to drive traffic to her LeadQuizzes quiz, Hannah Azok has generated 13,182 new leads and has an 80% quiz completion rate.

13,182 new leads with 80% quiz completion rate.

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