Cavallo Horse and Rider

20,333 eCommerce leads in 4 months from Facebook

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A first mover in the barefoot horse industry

Cavallo Hoof Boots are the most popular hoof boots in the world. Their hoof boots are an alternative and natural approach to protecting horses’ feet without nailing horseshoes into them.



Educate a new market and grow their list

There are many reasons why wearing hoof boots are better for horses than using horse shoes. The problem that Cavallo has had is that most people don’t know about hoof boots and the benefits of using them because they’ve used horseshoes their whole life. Their goal was to build their list and educate them at the same time about how hoof boots could be an alternative to horse shoes.


Horse Care Quiz

Cavallo wanted to make not just a generic horse quiz but one that was more closely related to their product that would be able to educate their leads around hoof boots. They decided to create a quiz titled Are You Taking Proper Care of Your Horse?


A recent report stated that the average cost per click on Facebook was $0.54 (just clicking on an ad), while Cavallo was able to get people to click the ad, take a quiz, and opt-in all for only $0.22 a lead. This allowed them to build their list extremely fast with a very inexpensive cost per lead. The reason the quiz was so successful was a combination of great Facebook advertising, a highly engaging quiz, and using LeadQuizzes – which has been optimized for lead generation.


Cavallo Horse and Rider used LeadQuizzes to build their email list of horse riders who cared about improving their horse care by over 20,333 leads in only 4 months.

20,333 leads generated

$0.22 cost per lead

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