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Brain based education to remove energy blocks

Change Your Energy is dedicated to improving people’s lives through simple exercises and techniques that simply and easily change their energy. The techniques were created by the founder, Ilchi Lee who is dedicated to help people deepen their understanding of how energy works in life and the world.



Increase demand for their Charkra Healing Course

Change Your Energy’s goal was to build their email list and promote their new online course “Chakra Healing Course for Beginners.”


What Chakra Type Are You Quiz

Change Your Energy created a quiz for people to uncover their Chakra Type. After people took the quiz, they opted in with their name and email and were given the results. On the results page, they were presented with their Chakra type and an offer related to a product for balancing chakra levels.


Change Your Energy experimented with different types of quizzes before finding the perfect one. In the “What Chakra Type Are You” quiz, they spent a lot of time making each question engaging with meaningful outcomes. This improved user engagement and dropped the cost per lead to $0.19.


Change Your Energy used LeadQuizzes to build their email list by 6,617 leads in 6 weeks at an average cost per lead of $0.19.

6,617 Leads in 6 weeks

$0.19 Average cost per lead

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