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Remy Tennant is the head of product and marketing for DateID, a website for doing background checks of online dates and verifying their identity. DateID is a straightforward e-commerce company from a customer acquisition standpoint. They spent a lot of time developing their blog site, and now they have a good amount of organic traffic coming in.



Understand their audience better, increase brand awareness and increase lead acquisitions.

DateID was looking to understand their audience better, increase brand awareness and increase their lead acquisitions, and the quiz and survey format proved to be the most efficient way to do this. They spent many resources on digital ads, SEO, social media campaigns, and content marketing. They also tried converting site visitors using a free trial offer which gave them a 3% conversion rate, and they wanted to do much better.


FREE Quiz: Find Your Dating App.

Remy promoted their quiz on the top bar of their website and embedded it on their blog post. He aligned the blog post topic to that of the quiz, making it easier for readers to transition from the blog post to the quiz. After the quiz taker has answered 15 quick demographic questions and opted in with their email address, they get their results with a compelling offer to sign up for a free trial.


Announcement Bar On All Pages & Inline Embedding On Blog Posts

Announcement Bar On All Pages & Inline Embedding On Blog Posts

Before adding the quiz as an Announcement Bar on all pages on their site & Inline Embedding it on blog posts, they generated a 3% conversion rate from their free trial offers. After using the quiz as an inline embed on their blog post and adding it as an announcement bar on all pages, their conversion rate from the free trial offers improved to 35%, of which 40% of this number moved on to convert to paid users.

Compelling Offer On Results Page To Sign Up For A Free Trial

Compelling offers are among the most significant contributors to sales success, especially when advertising to new audiences. Remy added a compelling offer to the results page that gave those that completed the survey a free trial period.

Compelling Offer On Results Page To Sign Up For A Free Trial


DateID used LeadQuizzes to generate over 500 new leads monthly, of which 35% of them move on to take the free trial offer, and of this number, 40% of them convert to paid customers. They also used the demographic data gathered for product development, feature prioritization, building customer personas, and building content marketing strategies.

500 New Leads monthly with a 40% Trial Conversion Rate.

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