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Dr. Michael R. Smith is the Founder of Empath Connection. He has worked for two decades teaching and mentoring empaths and highly sensitive people. He has built a thriving practice that is recognized worldwide due to, in large part, the seamless way that LeadQuizzes allows him to identify those empaths who are most interested and in need of his services immediately upon opting-in to his email list.



Understand their audience better and increase lead acquisitions.

Empath Connection was looking to increase lead acquisition from their website traffic and understand their audience better. Before using LeadQuizzes, he generated about 300 signups per month and had a 15% completion rate using a different service.


Are you an Empath? Take the Empath Connection Quiz

Dr. Michael promoted his quiz on the menu bar of his website, making it easier for his website visitors to locate. After respondents have answered fifteen quick personality-traits survey questions and opted in with their name, email address, and phone number, they are taken to a result page that shows them their empath personality.


He added the quiz to the Website's Main Menu and as a CTA on the Home page.

He added the quiz to the Website's Main Menu and as a CTA on the Home page.

Michael was able to showcase his quiz to more website visitors, which resulted in more leads generated by adding it to the Website Main Menu and as a CTA on the Home page.


Empath Connection used LeadQuizzes to generate over 1,200 new health leads monthly, with a 53% completion rate. They also used the demographic data gathered for product development, feature prioritization, building customer personas, and building content marketing strategies.

400% Increase In Lead Capture

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