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Their Story

Helping fathers live life to the fullest

Anthony Balduzzi, founder of Fit Father Project (FFP), lost his dad to cancer when he was just 42. Since then, Anthony has been on a mission to help fathers and husbands live life to the fullest by helping them increase their energy, lose weight, build muscle, and create lifelong permanent health. 

Their Goal

Create a profitable and scalable sales funnel

Before FFP started working with LeadQuizzes, Anthony was in medical school, bootstrapping his business, generating sales but barely scraping by. He didn't have an effective strategy to systematically generate new leads and sales in a scalable way, which is exactly what Anthony wanted to create. 

What Fit Father Project Thinks About LeadQuizzes


Their Solution

Health Challenge Quiz

Fit Father Project created a diagnostic quiz titled, "Are You A Fit Father?" This quiz would take them to a results page tailored to their answers, which creates a ton of value. From the results page, quiz takers are taken to a sales page with training specific to their result. On this sales page, FFP helps solve their specific problem by using an irresistable offer to make it easy for leads from cold traffic, who have never heard of FFP, signup and start getting results. 


LeadQuizzes users have generated 3,628,334 leads and counting!

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Keys to Success

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Before LeadQuizzes, FFP was struggling to generate consistent leads and sales and were barely scraping by. It would have been easy to give up advertising LeadQuizzes on Facebook in the first few months, when lead cost was high and sales were less than desired, but FFP made it a priority to create a profitable and scalable sales funnel using cold traffic so they kept testing. 

Fit Father Project Compelling Offer.png

Compelling Offer

A compelling offer is one of the biggest indicators of sales success, especially when advertising to new audiences. FFP tested different compelling offers, price points, and upsells/downsells to optimize campaign performance.

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Effective Autoresponder Campaign

Data has shown that most leads won't buy the first time you make an offer. FFP tested and optimized their autoresponder follow up sequence to build engagement and a relationship with these new leads and ultimately drive them back to buy.

Fit Fathe Project Products.png

Constant Product Improvement

Since FFP gained over 15,000 leads through their quiz and sales funnel, they've been able to collect and analyze the answers from these leads and customers to improve their products and results. 

Their Results

Fit Father Project used LeadQuizzes to generate over 15,000 leads and create a profitable and scalable sales funnel.


Leads Generated

LeadQuizzes users have generated 3,628,334 leads and counting!

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