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Healthcare starting with the root cause

Integrative Healthcare is a Scottsdale based naturopathic clinic that helps their patients get to the root cause of their symptoms and discomfort, then champion scientific and natural solutions.



Generate new patients for their Scottsdale office

Integrative Healthcare has four doctors at their local Scottsdale office. Dr. Alan Christianson was completely booked but his other doctors were at about 30% capacity. His goal with his quiz campaign was to generate new patients for their Scottsdale office for his other doctors and diversify Integrative Healthcare’s income.


Thyroid Quiz

We started by creating a quiz to help people understand what kind of risk they were at for having a thyroid problem. We drove people from Facebook to the quiz to answer questions related to their Thyroid health. After they finished the Thyroid quiz, they opt-ed in with their name and email and were given their results. On the results page, they were presented with an offer to sign-up for a consultation at Integrative Healthcare’s Scottsdale office.

thyroid quiz dr alan christianson


One of the main reasons why Integrative Healthcare got so many consultation requests and new patients was because they made an extremely compelling offer. They offered a free consultation ($159 value), a free hand-signed copy of Dr Christianson’s book ($29.97 value), and a free 96-food intolerance test ($497 value) IF they became a patient.


40-60 New Consult Requests per Month

1,600 emails per month

40-60 new consult requests per month 57% close rate of consult requests valued at $1200/year/patient

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