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Natural Weightloss

Jon Benson has been in the weight loss and fitness space for over 25 years. Through his personal experiences and challenges he’s learned how to help others get in great shape and improve their thyroid health.



Build a profitable lead funnel for weight loss customers

With rising Facebook costs, Jon Benson was looking for an affordable and scalable way to acquire leads and customers for his weight loss business.


Thyroid Weight Loss Quiz

Jon Benson created a simple thyroid weight loss quiz. He advertised it on Facebook averaging a $0.39/lead acquisition cost. After a quiz taker opted in, they were taken to a product purchase of an information product and upsold a supplement product. This sales process profitably converted new customers, offsetting advertisement costs to build his list of 110,192+ leads.


Facebook Ads Testing

Facebook Ads Testing

Jon tested lots of different ads and targeting to bring his costs down

Quiz Testing

Jon tested multiple quizzes and advertisements over the course of a couple months driving lead cost down from $2 to $0.39.

Quiz Testing
URL Redirect

URL Redirect

Jon used a custom results page that took 100% of quiz takers into a video sales letter, improving sales conversions.

Upsell Testing

Jon tested different upsells to increase his average order value

Upsell Testing
Affiliate Offers

Affiliate Offers

Jon offered multiple affiliate offers to his list to monetize his leads while he built out his own sales funnel.


Jon Benson used LeadQuizzes to profitably generate over 110,192 leads.

110,192 Leads Generated

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