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$123,855 in new sales and 19,212 new leads from quizzes.

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Josh Elizetxe is the CEO of SNOW, a beauty tech platform that creates products mainly in the oral care space. They have been dubbed the Apple of oral care. They utilize and design everything in-house.



Convert website leads to sales and engage his website audience

His goal was to engage customers coming to their website and increase sales. The quiz format proved to be the most efficient way to do this at scale. It also helped them understand why people want to use the product, educate them about the product, and give them offers.


How much is your lifestyle staining your teeth?

They make use of Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Snapchat to drive traffic to their website, where they have a CTA that sends people to the quiz landing page. After the quiz taker has answered seven quick questions and opted in with their email address, they are shown their result about how their lifestyle may be impacting the staining of their teeth and an offer to buy Snow’s teeth whitening solution.


Compelling offers and Frictionless Opt-in Page.

Compelling Offers

Compelling Offers

Compelling offers are one of the biggest contributors to sales success, especially when advertising to new audiences. Josh gave a 15% discount on a teeth whitening kit to optimize campaign performance.

Frictionless Optin Page

Josh only captures email addresses to make the process as frictionless as possible. He can do this because he uses a couple of third-party integrations, that as long as they have the email address, he can easily extract other information like name and phone number and attribute it to the email address.

Frictionless Optin Page


By using Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Snapchat, to drive traffic to their website where they have the LeadQuizzes quiz advertised, Josh Elizetxe found that he was able to build his email list by 19,212 leads and sold 754 units, which amounted to $123,855.

$123,855 in new sales and 19,212 new leads from quizzes.

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