3,676 leads in 1 month

Dr Anthony Capasso used LeadQuizzes to build his email list by 3,676 people in 1 month at a cost per lead of only $0.31.

3,676 Leads in 1 Month
$0.31 Cost Per Lead

His Story

Changing the lives of hundreds of patients

By utilizing the latest medical research in nutrition and diet, hormones combined with the latest non-invasive laser therapy, Dr. Capasso has helped his patients lower their weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and risk for Diabetes. With over 17 years of medical experience, Dr. Capasso has changed the lives of hundreds of his patients by providing them the best medically, supervised weight loss care available. In 2009, he was voted #1 physician in Jacksonville Beach.

His Goal

Expanding his impact beyond Florida

While his practices in Florida have been thriving, Dr. Capasso decided it was time to create a bigger impact by helping more people online and this started with growing his email list.

His Solution

Gut Disease Quiz

Dr Anthony Capasso decided to build his email list by driving Facebook ads to his Gut Disease Quiz. After they answered 12 quick questions and opted in with their name and email, they were given specific results about how their gut health may be impacting their health.


The Results

An email growth strategy to increase his impact

Using Facebook ads with LeadQuizzes was a brand new strategy for Dr Anthony Capasso. He found that by using this strategy, he was able to build his email list by 3,676 leads for only $0.31/lead in just his first month.

3,676 leads generated in 1 month
$0.31cost per lead

LeadQuizzes users have generated 3,628,334 leads and counting!

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