34,657 leads in 6 months

Dr Tami Meraglia used LeadQuizzes to build her email list by 34,657 people in 6 months and reduced her cost per lead to $0.19.

34,657 Leads generated in 6 Months
$0.19 Cost per lead

Her Story

Helping women take charge of their own hormone health

Tami Meraglia, M.D. is a physician with a passion: to help women take charge of their own hormone health and happiness. Her unique voice is sorely needed today as women face hormone imbalances and deficiencies before, during, and after menopause. These conditions, which can assault quality of life, are nothing new. What is new is that they are appearing earlier than ever before, and at a time when women are already stretched to the limit. And women are often misdiagnosed by the medical establishment.

Her Goal

Hit the bestseller list and move her business online

Dr Tami wanted to get her book, the Hormone Secret out to a lot of people and hit the national bestseller lists. She also wanted to have a bigger impact than just helping people in the local Seattle area from her clinic and move her business online. She knew that this goal was going to take a lot of traffic and that she was going to need to grow a substantial email list.

I just wanted to say thanks. My book, The Hormone Secret, became a national bestseller and your help in growing my list was part of how that happened. Your ability to take my hormone quiz and code it in such a way that the Facebook ads were AMAZING. Your advertisement made the ad costs to be so low. Thank you again for your list growing superpower and I can’t wait to work with you again on another project soon!
– Dr Tami Meraglia


Her Solution

Hormone quiz

Dr Tami created a hormone quiz to help women understand what type of hormonal deficiencies they were potentially having. She used Facebook ads to reach new audiences of women interested in their hormone health. They would answer 16 quick questions, optin with their name and email, and then receive results on their potential deficiencies.


What Dr Tami Meraglia Thinks About Yazamo and LeadQuizzes


Her Results

Bestseller list and a flourishing online business

Dr Tami discovered that by using LeadQuizzes, she was able to grow her email list of people looking to improve their hormone health by 34,657 people in 6 months at a cost per lead of only $0.19. This led to her hitting the bestseller list with her book, The Hormone Secret and kick starting her online business.

34,657 Leads generated in 6 months
$0.19 cost per lead

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