Hyper engaged leads

Jennifer Hudye used LeadQuizzes to grow her email list by 2,360 extremely engaged followers.

A hyper engaged email list
2,360 Leads Generated

Her Story

Helping millennial women be the best version of themselves

Jennifer Hudye is the founder of the online wellness coaching company, LifeBalance Coach Inc. She creates online fitness programs for young women that focus on building habits, creating routines and structures along with mindset, exercise, nutrition and well-being strategies. Her mission is to help millennial women create confidence, clarity, and control in their lives by overcoming different areas of their life..

Her Goal

Increase her ability to impact millennial women

Jennifer Hudye gets incredible results with the young women she works with and she wanted to take things to the next level. She knew that building her email list was one of the most important areas of her online business to focus on but she wanted to make sure that her list was also extremely engaged when she would mail them.

What Jennifer Rachael Hudye Thinks About Yazamo and LeadQuizzes


Her Solution

Strong Mind, Sexy Body Quiz

Jennifer Hudye created the Strong Mind, Sexy Body Quiz that helped women find the area in their life that was holding them back from having more confidence, happiness, and the sexy body they always dreamed of. Her quiz led them to one of the four areas she helps women with; mindset, exercise, nutrition, or well-being. Once someone took the quiz and opted in with their email, they were given their results. Jennifer then put them in a campaign for the specific result they got.


The Over-The-Shoulder Case Study



Her Results

A complete game changer for her online business

Jennifer Hudye used LeadQuizzes to build her email list of millennial women interested in their health and wellbeing. Not only was she able to grow her email list by 2,360 people, but she created a list that was extremely engaged and responsive.

A hyper engaged email list
2,360 leads generated

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