How Design Pickle Grew to $4.7M in Recurring Revenue out of a Failing Agency

Russ Perry’s marketing agency had many problems which ultimately led to its failure. Russ shares those lessons he learned and how he built Design Pickle, providing unlimited graphic design, resulting in $4.7M in sales.

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  • What is Design Pickle all about? [02:27]
  • How did Russ Perry get into entrepreneurship? [2:56]
  • How did his experience working at Apple help Russ Perry start his own business? [05:33]
  • What were the first three steps Russ Perry took when he started his agency? [05:56]
  • Why is it important to niche down when you’re running an agency? [09:59]
  • How did Russ Perry get back on his feet after losing his agency? [15:03]
  • How did Russ Perry come up with Design Pickle? [16:11]
  • What makes Design Pickle’s business model successful? [22:51]
  • How did Design Pickle gain customers? [24:10]
  • How does Design Pickle handle customer retention? [29:43]
  • How does outsourcing work for Design Pickle? [31:40]

“Agencies are beyond difficult, so anyone who actually can succeed with one, I really admire them.” — Russ Perry

“If you are not doing paid advertising, you do not have enough confidence in your product or service.” — Russ Perry

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The 7 Day Startup by Dan Norris

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