How Serendipit Consulting Grew to $3M with Clients Like Orangetheory Fitness

Melissa DiGianfilippo and Alexis Krisay founded marketing agency, Serendipit Consulting, which services clients like Orangetheory Fitness, Dry Bar, and Modern Acupuncture. Learn how they’ve grown it to $3M in sales last year with 28 employees.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • [01:24] How Melissa and Alexis first started Serendipit
  • [03:25] How they knew that they would be good business partners
  • [05:42] How they divided their roles and what it has been like for them to work together
  • [09:18] The challenge of staying in their lanes in regards to managing their team
  • [10:46] How they picked the right clients
  • [14:00] How they productized their service and came up with a pricing plan or retainer
  • [16:52] How they improved their client retention and work with their ideal clients
  • [20:05] How they make sure that they’re getting enough leads of their ideal clients by doing PR for themselves
  • [25:39] Who are some of their franchise clients and how they got them
  • [26:52] Some of the struggles that they ran into
  • [32:53] How they built the company culture that’s working for them today
  • [36:31] How they hire people based on their core values

Key Takeaways:

  • When you’re running a company with a business partner, it’s important to really respect each other’s knowledge in each of your fields.
  • Marketing is ever-changing, and the same with PR. If a client is paying it out of their own pocket, it’s a problem.
  • Positioning yourself as an expert and sharing case studies that showcase the results you’ve gotten for similar companies is a very effective way to attract your ideal clients.
  • Hiring someone that isn’t culture fit is detrimental to your business.

Action Steps:

  • When working with a business partner:
    • Be open communicators. Be honest with each other and give each other feedback without taking it personally.
    • Respect each other’s opinions.
    • Rely on each other’s expertise and respect each other’s lanes.
    • Be more adaptable to each other’s strengths.
  • Do a lot of PR for your company that is aimed to attract your ideal client.
  • Survey your employees regularly and find out your employee net promoter score (eNPS).
  • Consider doing daily huddles as a leadership team and as a company.
  • Hire and fire based on your core values, and give internal recognition based on your core values as well.

Melissa said:

“You can’t possibly do everything really well and you can’t possibly know every industry. And you definitely need to be picky about the kind of people you work with, not just the kind of clients you work with.”

Alexis said:

“This is probably something that we do to a flaw is we get so involved with our clients that we really feel like we’re operating their business. And if we’re not getting results for them, we personally feel that pain, so we work really hard to get results…”

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