How My Computer Works Generated $4.6M in Recurring Revenue

Today on the show, Luke Ford shares not only the strategies he used to grow My Computer Works to $4.6M but also how focusing on NPS doubled the LTV of his customers, the marketing strategies he used to scale, and much more! He has a very interesting story about raising money, so listen in and enjoy!

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  • What inspired Luke to get into entrepreneurship and start a business? [01:34]
  • What was one of the unique things about how Luke started My Computer Works? [02:41]
  • What was it like trying to raise money pre-revenue and working on it for six months? [03:11]
  • What were the steps that Luke took to put this business together and line up the investors? [02:54]
  • What was their target customer and how did they get their first 100 clients? [04:58]
  • What was their business plan? [07:58]
  • What kind of bottlenecks did they run into? Did they have to change their business model? [08:52]
  • Why did they choose to custom-build their automation technology themselves? [11:42]
  • How far did the automation take My Computer Works in terms of customers and revenue? [14:35]
  • How did doing infomercials help Luke scale the business? [16:12]
  • What were some of the big issues they needed to address in the process of scaling the business? [20:42]
  • What are some of the unique things about My Computer Works? [21:43]
  • What are their criteria for hiring technicians? [22:54]
  • What were some of the things that they did between getting from $1M to $4.6M? [25:29]
  • How did they handle customer churn? [31:46]

“Early adopters have to be informed on why this is a cool idea, or innovators have to spend a lot of time educating the marketplace.” — Luke Ford

“Never stop trying to figure out what the next channel is because you’re going to hit a good channel.”— Luke Ford

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