How Rand Fishkin Built Moz to $47.4M and 36,000 Users

Rand Fishkin shares how he started the SEOMoz blog to generate consulting clients for his design agency. He’s gone on to grow that blog to over 3.2M monthly visitors, which has helped grow SEO software, Moz to $47.4M in revenue with over 36,000 customers.

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  • How Rand started the SEOMoz blog [01:39]
  • Rand’s biggest struggle and the strategies he employed to initially grow traffic [05:28]
  • How they made $440,000 in the first six months [11:58]
  • What it is like to have a business in a new a space [13:25]
  • Rand’s main growth strategy [14:12]
  • What Rand would do differently now that he’s not at Moz anymore and has the chance to start over [17:05]
  • How Rand balanced his consulting business and the software at the same time [21:50]
  • How they figured out their three core groups of clients [24:46]
  • How understanding their audience impacted their business [26:36]
  • The strategies that helped grow Moz the way it has [29:14]
  • How they were able to build a great community around Moz [33:49]
  • What Rand did when he thought Moz would fail [35:33]
  • Rand’s advice to overcome depression [36:26]
  • Why Rand left Moz and started SparkToro [37:35]

“Being early to market in a new space and already capturing the attention and having the trust of that audience, I think that’s what led to that early success.” — Rand Fishkin

“A huge part of Moz’s mission and my personal mission became helping people to do better marketing.” — Rand Fishkin

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