How to Make a Personality Quiz People Will Gladly Take and Share

Personality quizzes have been around for over a century now. From Rorschach tests used in psychology, over Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tests used during the hiring process, to magazine questionnaires and online personality quizzes all of us have taken at some point. 

Today, personality quizzes are extremely popular among marketers, who use them to raise brand awareness, generate more traffic and leads, and better segment their audiences to ensure better effectiveness of different marketing strategies. 

Before we show you how to make a personality quiz, here’s why you should do it right now.

Why you should create a personality quiz for your business

On the surface level, a personality quiz is a type of online quiz that helps people learn more about themselves. By helping quiz takers gain more insight into their own personality types, they are able to make better decisions. More importantly, they are more likely to associate those decisions with your brand.

By creating your own personality quiz, you would be able to:

  • Take your lead generation to the next level
  • Build an email list of engaged and interested subscribers
  • Create more tailored customer journeys through personalized content 
  • Bring more targeted traffic to your web pages

The truth is that personality tests are on the rise, and by not using them to grow your business, you might be seriously missing out.

Now that you know why, here’s how.

How to make a personality quiz in 4 steps 

Creating a quiz with the right personality quiz maker is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. In fact, you won’t be needing one of those 20-page step-by-step tutorials – just follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Create your own personality quiz from scratch 

You can create your own personality quiz with two types of logic in mind – outcome or scoring.

This means that the final quiz result will be shown either based on the outcome with the most answers selected or based on a score value assigned to each answer. 

Start by ensuring you’re using the right personality quiz maker.

2. Select a personality quiz template

The quiz creator tools usually offer a wide variety of quiz templates – professionally written and designed, easily customizable to match your branding, and pre-filled with well-thought-out quiz questions and answer options to get you inspired.

quiz templates

While templates are convenient because they give you a nice head start, you can also build your personality test fully from scratch by using our intuitive quiz builder.

3. Add different elements to your quiz

Quiz intro page  

An intro page is the starting screen of your personality quiz. Being the first thing your target audience sees when they interact with the quiz, this is your best chance of getting them interested enough to take it. In practice, this means that you should use an appealing image, catchy title, actionable CTA – and most importantly, a short description explaining what the quiz is all about. 

quiz intro page

Personality quiz questions

How to make a personality quiz a success? Ask the right questions, of course. 

This means that you need to make sure to use the right type of quiz question, use the optimal number of questions (around 10 usually, but can go up to 20 if the personality test is more complex), write a catchy quiz title, provide an adequate format of answer options, and use the appropriate language and style.

personality quiz question

Depending on the answer provided, you can use logic branching to come up with different follow-up paths. For example, you can ask a different set of questions to your respondents based on which gender they identify with.

To make a quiz more engaging and interactive, you can add image or multiple choice answer options.

To get you inspired, check out this list of 20 unusual personality questions guaranteed to reveal a lot about your quiz takers.

Form fields

If you’re looking to create a personality quiz for marketing purposes, you will certainly want to add some form fields to it. These let you gather more respondent data, such as their name, email, phone number, address, country, etc.

Result page

Once you have all the questions and answers in place, your job here is not done. Actually, the results page is one of the most important parts of a personality quiz, where you have the best chance to make your respondents convert. You can use it to inspire social shares, inform the takers about the next steps, or try to pitch your product/service. 

personality quiz result

4. Publish and share

Ok, so your quiz now has an awesome intro page, an engaging set of questions and answers, and a shareworthy result – all that remains is to preview your quiz to make sure everything works like a charm. After that, all you need to do is hit that publish button and watch the completion rates grow. 

Personality quizzes are extremely easy to share – distribute it via email or social media, use paid ads to drive more people to take it, embed it on a relevant page on your website, or display as a popup or an embedded CTA. 

Personality quiz examples (marketing use cases)

Check out how successful entrepreneurs and small business owners incorporate personality tests into their own marketing strategies.

Empath Connection gets 400% leads more by using a personality quiz

Dr. Michael R. Smith has dedicated most of his career to teaching and mentoring empaths and other highly sensitive people.

He is using a personality quiz to identify those empaths who are most in need of his services immediately upon joining his email list. To promote the quiz, he included it in his website’s main menu navigation and added it as a prominent CTA on the home page.

personality quiz example 1

The results? Over 1,200 new leads per month, with a 53% quiz completion rate (compared to 300 signups/month and a 15% completion rate using a different service).

Intimate Universe uses a personality quiz to generate 100+ leads daily

​​Lana is the founder of a business that focuses on healing relationships and intimacy. 

To add more leads to her list and sell more of her digital products and coaching programs, she created an engaging quiz titled ​​”What is Your Feminine Archetype?”.

personality quiz example 2

The quiz asked 10 personality survey questions before the respondents were forwarded to a result page that displays their archetype personality. At first, Lana promoted her quiz with Facebook and Youtube ads, but shortly afterward, the quiz started generating leads without any paid promotion because respondents started sharing it as crazy.

The result? Intimate Universe used a personality quiz to generate 100+ leads per day, using the demographic data collected to better understand their customers and connect on a deeper level.

A free personality quiz template

Want to use quizzes to achieve similar results as the brands above? Here is a good starting point – feel free to use this quiz template to get inspired or adjust it for your needs:

personality quiz template

Did you know that we have 44 quiz templates available for free to all of our active users? If you’re not a user yet, now is the perfect moment to sign up for a free 14-day LeadQuizzes trial.