How Snow Teeth Whitening Does Branding with Floyd Mayweather

Learn how 25-year-old Josh Elizetxe developed a revolutionary teeth whitening product, branded it by partnering with celebrities like Floyd Mayweather and Rob Gronkowski and how he has grown it to seven figures, on track for $25M this year.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • [01:43] How Josh got interested and involved in the teeth whitening space
  • [04:09] How they got started with their product and finding the right consultants and advisory team
  • [08:31] What the manufacturing process was like
  • [11:24] How to avoid getting screwed over by bad manufacturing hires
  • [15:31] How they started selling their product
  • [19:06] How they’re promoting their product and their influencer marketing strategy
  • [23:57] What it means to lose money well
  • [29:04] How they choose the influencers to work with
  • [33:10] How they are funding the business
  • [36:41] What had the biggest impact on the growth of Snow Teeth Whitening

Key Takeaways:

  • If your product matches with a celebrity, and them endorsing it on social media is honest and authentic, then your product really takes off.
  • You have to understand who your target customer is and go after the buying crowd as opposed to the crowd that’s only looking at products but are not interested in buying.
  • The art of losing money is figuring out how to play the long game better than your competitors.
  • The irony of capitalism is that you have to be willing to be broke in order to build something of value.
  • Don’t focus so much on the competition because you can just become obsessed with looking at the competitors in your space.

Action Steps:

  • When you’re in the consumer products industry, break down what the manufacturing suppliers give you to make sure that you have the best quality product as a result.
  • Educate yourself as much as you can about the pain points that you need to address with your product.
  • Reach out to micro influencers, tell them about your product and offer to send it to them. And if they liked it, maybe they would share it on their social media. And if it works for the micro influencers, it should work for the big influencers.

Josh said:

“I’ve become a master at losing money. And I think that is what is going to propel us into the biggest brand in our space is because I’ve figured out how to lose money really well… That means thinking long-term.”

“Treat your money with respect. And I think the best way to respect your money is to know when you’re losing it and to know when it’s okay to lose it because it’s going to elevate your brand.”

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