15+ Best Shopify Apps Guaranteed to Generate Your First Sales

If you look for advice on best Shopify apps, you are likely to run into dozens of articles recommending the regular starter kit apps you need to set up a business. While this is great, it’s only that – just a starter kit, not a way to get your business up and running side-by-side with your competitors.

In this post, we will try to nail down a list of some great Shopify apps that only recently hit the App Store. What’s the goal of this selection? To help you do something creative and different to capture your customers’ attention and generate leads.

What are the best Shopify apps to kickstart my business?

One of the reasons Shopify has become synonymous with online selling is the fact that it has taken so much weight off of business beginners’ shoulders. Setting up the online store on Shopify takes about half an hour. The time for loading up your products and entering descriptions and images depending on the number of products and the text volume.

Yet throughout it all, Shopify makes things super simple. Once you start customizing, you will add readily available free and paid apps that will help you set up your business. Some of these apps are:

1. Shogun Page Builder

This app will help you get things started. It will enable you to customize your landing and product pages, as well as your blog – without any coding skills. You can choose among more than 30 professionally designed page templates. Get it here. You have a 10-day free trial, and starter plan costs $19 per month.

2. Oberlo

This famous app helps you find and add products directly into your Shopify store. When a customer purchases your product, Oberlo packages and ships it. It will also run your numbers – updating product prices and stock levels. Starter plan is free and it is limited to 50 orders/month. After you start selling more than that, the basic plan comes for $29.90 per month.

Best Shopify apps - Oberlo

3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp will help you create the powerful automated email and ad campaigns to target various audiences. The app is free. Get it here.

4. Langify

This app will help you reach customers and increase your traffic by translating your shop into any number of languages. Langify offers a 7-day free trial. After that, a monthly plan costs $17.50. Get it here.

Best Shopify apps - Langify

5. FavSEO

FavSEO enables you to edit, analyze and optimize the title and meta description of all the products, categories and pages at one place. You can connect it to Google Webmaster Tools, and use them to discover new keyword opportunities, find crawling errors and track ranks of keywords in Google. The app is free. Get it here.

6. Product Reviews

This app enables you to add SEO-friendly product review scores to your Google search results. It also offers a fully customizable design that adjusts to various themes. The app is free. Get it here.

Best Shopify apps - Product Reviews

7. Rewind Backups

This app automatically backs up your store data on a daily basis. Backup is incredibly important because a simple mistake or app integration can delete your prices, inventory and other valuable data, and detail your sales. Rewind Backups offers free plans for stores with up to 2,000 items and 50 orders. Paid plans start at $19. Get it here.

8. DragDropr

Digital marketers are all on the same page when it comes to lead generation. There’s no better way of skyrocketing your conversions than using landing pages and the lead capture forms that come with them.

This is where a tool like DragDropr comes in handy. It easily integrates with any leading content management system such as Shopify, WordPress, Magento and others. There are no coding skills required and anyone can edit or create stunning landing pages that will help you convert your visitors into potential leads. Get it here.

But this is just a beginning.

What is the next step?

So, we showed you some starter kit apps for Shopify, but what comes next? First, let’s identify what’s the greatest challenge for a business beginner in the online world. Sure, so many blog posts that ought to help you out tend to talk about increasing your sales – but you are here struggling just to get to your first sale.

Well, don’t feel bad about it – getting the word out is the greatest challenge for businesses, regardless of how developed they are. According to the State of the Inbound report, generating traffic and leads is the top marketing challenge for almost two-thirds of businesses.

State of the Inbound report
Source: Hubspot

So how are you going to tackle this challenge? With the right tools – and we found them so you don’t have to dig.

Best Shopify Apps for generating first sales

1. Display Ad Generator

First, you will create your ads. This app will automatically generate display ads for your store, in 18 popular formats. Ads can be created for a specific product, collection or the entire store. You can choose from seven templates, customize colors, text, background, button to pop with your brand.

Best shopify apps - Display Ad Generator

Free plan gives you access to the app’s crucial features, although its limitation is that you can create one ad at a time. Pro plan enables you to generate ads for every product in a collection or your store, for 9$ per month.

2. ShoppingFeeder

You can use ShoppingFeeder to import your Shopify product catalog, export it to numerous channels with different specifications and requirements, and then track all the generated clicks, referrals, and conversions. ShoppingFeeder will get you listed on Google Product Listing Ads, Facebook Dynamic Ads, Bing Product Ads and more. After driving customers to your store, it will segment the visitors based on their onsite behavior.

Best shopify apps - ShoppingFeeder

ShoppingFeeder offers free 14-day trial and free plan for stores with less than 20 products. Paid plans start at $11.99 – for that price, you get unlimited products for one channel.

3. Facebook Messenger Marketing

Although we at LeadQuizzes are firm believers in the power of good old email marketing, we will admit that Facebook Messenger is giving it a run for the money. It has an 88% open rate on messages sent to customers. For more information on how to sell Shopify product on Facebook and Messanger, check out in this Shopify Lite review. This app will help you interact with customers subscribed to your Facebook Messenger and send them order receipt and shipping notifications, as well as marketing campaigns segmented for different audiences. The app is customized for all desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Best shopify apps - Facebook Messenger Marketing

4. Instagram In-Shop

If you need convincing when it comes to the power of Instagram in e-commerce, check this article out. If you don’t need convincing, you still need this app. Instagram In-Shop will enable you to create an Instagram shop in minutes by connecting the app with your instagram account and matching your photos with your Shopify products. You can also create new products from the app instantly. You can choose between several themes or contact the support team for added customization.

Best shopify apps - Instagram In-Shop

The app offers a free 15-days trial, and after that it costs $2.99 per month. Get it here.

5. Instagram Capture and Automation

Just being on Instagram is not enough – and with this app, you can do more. For example, you can capture the Instagram profiles and audience reach of your customers. With this data, the app automates marketing based on your customers’ influence. However, they are not seeking to connect you with influencers ready to sell their feed – the purpose is to get through to people with a large following and authentic messaging.

Best Shopify apps - Instagram Capture and Automation

Gatsby, the company behind the app, claims their campaigns are influencing between 20% – 40% of their customers’ online sales. Some of their clients are Hubspot, Beauty Independent, and Adweek, Inc. So, you might as well give it a try with 14-day free trial. Paid plans start at $19 per month. Get it here.

6. Prize Play

Did you know that the best quiz platforms have found that more than 82% of users will take part in a quiz if they see it on their social newsfeed? The clickthrough rate has been immensely successful in other channels as well. Similarly, people find it hard to say no to any kind of game – which is a premise behind Prize Play. In exchange for playing a game, you can offer them a giveaway, discount code or free shipping.

Best Shopify apps - Prize Play

For example, a visitor will have to choose a present box among the shuffling boxes. After they win the prize, the app enables you to push the customer through the sales funnel, for example nudging them to search all your products to select their free prize. Pretty neat, huh?

PrizePlay also offers layouts for your shop, but you can customize text, color palette, win ratios, prizes, etc. the way you want. After 15-day free trial, a monthly subscription to Prize Play costs $4.99 for standard and $9.99 for a premium plan. Get it here.

7. Optinmonster

OptinMonster is one of the most popular conversion optimization platforms on the web, and recently it made its way into the Shopify app store. OptinMonster enables you to grow your email list and increase eCommerce revenue by showing personalized pop-ups based on your visitor’s behavior.

Best Shopify apps - OptinMonster

You can choose from the variety of messaging options – email pop-ups, floating bars, slide-in scroll boxes, full screen overlays, mobile popups, countdown timers, inline forms, polls, etc. These messages are triggered by visitors on-site behavior, such as exit intent, inactivity, time spent on specific pages, location, past behavior, etc. For more details about OptinMonster, check this article out.

OptinMonster is highly customizable and integrates with various platforms. There is a 30-day free trial. After that, paid plan costs $49 per month. Get it here.

8. DataFeedWatch

DataFeedWatch is a leading feed marketing solution available in over 50 countries and across 1000+ eCommerce channels with the goal of helping merchants grow, both locally and globally.

Their dedicated Shopify integration lets merchants connect Shopify accounts to the tool in just a few clicks, opening the door to multichannel product listings and comprehensive data feed optimization.

Intuitive and easy to use, DataFeedWatch gives merchants the tools needed to achieve greater visibility and ROAS from their eCommerce campaigns on Google, Facebook, Amazon, and various other shopping platforms. This can be seen through their various case studies. It’s a simple solution for anyone looking to cut back on the time spent maintaining their data feeds while surpassing their competition.

Brands, retailers, and digital agencies alike can gain complete control over their feeds and achieve their full retail potential with this one-stop feed marketing software.

9. Conversific

Conversific is a customer and profit analytics tool that helps you see through your store’s data and make better data-driven decisions. It helps your e-store with optimizing traffic and conversion, gathers better data, and help you grow online sale.

15+ Best Shopify Apps Guaranteed to Generate Your First Sales

With Conversific you have all your eCommerce data in one place. Their eCommerce specialist with more than 10+ years of experience hand-picked the most important eCommerce metrics for each Report and made stunning and effortless one-pagers. Everything you need to make the best decision on one page, with all the context you need.

Conversific will tell you where your store is losing money, and your job is only to fill the leaks. You will increase user engagement, sales, and conversions by doing more of what’s working for leading online businesses in your industry.


Ok, earlier I mentioned that more than 82% of users will take part in a quiz if they see it on their social newsfeed. You may have remembered, and if you didn’t, I am reminding you now – because quizzes are a fantastic opportunity to go from zero to your first hundred contacts in a matter of weeks. You’ll find plenty of success stories here.

For example, you can advertise your products by creating a Facebook ad that shows your quiz. Quiz results can display as a pop-up asking for an email address, or they can lead to your online shop. Here you have a detailed guide on creating a quiz that is guaranteed to generate leads and convert to sales.

Most important of all, although LeadQuizzes isn’t in Shopify’s app store, embedding a quiz on your Shopify site can be done in just a few simple steps! With these 15+ apps and LeadQuizzes, you’re all set for your success story.

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Build Your Email List By 100K This Year Using Quizzes

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